I know the world is supposed to be focused on last week’s State of the Union Address, but I have more important things on my mind. For instance, the state of Tim Tebow. Yes, that’s right, I am a Tim Tebow fan – and frankly, who isn’t? Even those who publicly despise him, for the sake of saving face when their team is destroyed by the Gators, know in their hearts that he is a true American football hero. So what if he can’t take the snap from under the center? When you’re as good as he is, you don’t need to.

Before I get carried away with my biased Tim Tebow obsession, let me get to the real issue that has many up in field-goal arms. CBS has allowed … wait for it … a CHRISTIAN GROUP called Focus on the Family to purchase a 30-second Super Bowl ad promoting an unborn baby’s right to live, featuring Tim Tebow! According to Tim’s mother, while pregnant with Tim, she ignored the recommendation to terminate her pregnancy. The point of the ad, I suppose, focuses on what this world would be like without the Tim Tebows. Who knows how many potential heroes were terminated before they were given a chance to achieve greatness? How many Albert Einsteins or Beethovens never had a chance at life?

Now, it would be extremely naïve for anyone to think this ad would go unnoticed by game day’s light. Of course liberal feminists are going to protest, because that’s what they do. The argument from the left, more specifically from Joy “Blah” Behar, is explained, “He could just as easily become some kind of a rapist pedophile.” Behar is suggesting that abortions just as easily prevent a Polanski as they do a Tim Tebow. First, rapists and other criminals of that nature are few and far between, at least from my experience. Even if an unborn baby isn’t destined to be a genius or hero, the odds that he will grow up to be a rapist is highly unlikely. Given the fact that a child’s environment has much to do with shaping who they are, it is absurd to believe that a kid has a 50/50 chance of becoming a criminal.

Second, if feminists and liberals want to make that argument, then why not abort every pregnancy – just in case? Through their twisted logic, and I use the term logic loosely, every baby could “easily become” a pedophile or rapist. So why not force all women to get abortions? Though I’m not surprised by Joy’s sense of judgment and “rationale,” I am surprised that some people will agree with her.

Something else that surprises me: Some Republicans agree that this ad should not have been sold. I was listening to a sports radio station in the car the other day and people called in claiming to be conservative – and this was the general consensus: “I only want to watch funny commercials during the Super Bowl.” My only reaction was a disappointed “uuugh.” It got me thinking, has the Super Bowl become more important than the messages we conservatives hold so dear? What have we become that the average American can’t sit through 30 seconds of “Please don’t abort your baby”? Some will argue that the ad has no place within the Super Bowl and that Tebow shouldn’t endorse one or the other. Says who? Says the man crushing beer cans on his head during half time? So what if he’s a football star. Why can’t Tim use his star status to endorse a cause? We allowed a thoughtless clown like Sean Penn to stand against the United States and become Facebook BFFs with Hugo Chavez. I think we can cut Tebow some slack.

Focus on the Family has every right to purchase ad space, and Tim Tebow has every right to join them. Do you know how many Proposition 8 ads I’ve seen over the past couple of years? Just because I haven’t seen one during the Super Bowl doesn’t make it less agitating. I don’t know why, but liberals are free to exercise their First Amendment rights, while conservatives are scorned and labeled for doing the same.

I admire Tim Tebow for two reasons. One, he’s an awesome football player, and you can’t deny that. Two, he has the ability to separate what is important from what is insignificant. Not many people can do that. He is putting himself out there advocating what he knows is right. It’s us that should be ashamed. We’ve become lazy in our beliefs. So much so, that we would rather watch a belching frog than spend a moment reflecting on what is truly significant. Not every baby will grow up to be a Tim Tebow, but don’t they deserve that chance? Isn’t the possibility of greatness enough? Here’s a dose of honesty – shouldn’t the value of a life be the focus of ours?


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