Radical feminist groups have been burning up the airwaves and chewing up newsprint in an effort to persuade CBS to reconsider its decision to air a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl featuring football star Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam, called “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life.”

Although no one outside of Focus on the Family, which produced the spot, and CBS has seen the ad, it likely will highlight the story of this Heisman Trophy winner’s amazing birth.

By now, most true-blue football fans are somewhat familiar with Tebow, who is as famous for his faith in Christ as he is for his gridiron ability. After Super Bowl Sunday, even the casual fan will know why Tim’s mother is one of his heroes.

In 1987, Pam Tebow was serving on the mission field in the Philippines when she became pregnant with Tim, her fifth child. During the pregnancy, she became seriously ill and was given a drug to rouse her from a coma and treat her dysentery that threatened the health of her baby. Doctors recommended an abortion, which she declined.

It’s a beautiful story of faith, courage and conviction. It is non-controversial and should be celebrated. So, where’s the rub?

The problem for groups like the National Organization for Women, the Women’s Media Center and the Feminist Majority (there’s an overstatement if ever there was one) Foundation is that, after more than three decades of debating the abortion issue, they still lack the courage of their convictions. They simply will not stand up and say what it is they want pregnant women to do.

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Yes, Pam Tebow chose life for her baby, knowing all the while that he might be less than a perfect child. She also knew that he might inconvenience her life in some way. However, she knew that what was in her womb was a living, breathing child, not simply a glob of pregnancy tissue (as these so-called pro-choice groups like to put it). Nevertheless, Mrs. Tebow was prepared to welcome that child into the world and love him no matter what. Pam Tebow knew that her Bible, which is the basis for her Christian faith, has a commandment that says, “Thy shall not murder,” so she would not permit doctors to take Tim’s life and left his fate up to God.

Feminist groups are tying themselves in knots over this ad and the reason couldn’t be more obvious. They claim to be “pro-choice,” so why not simply celebrate Pam Tebow’s choice?

These feminist spokespersons are afraid to attack Tim Tebow or his mother directly. Instead, they attack Focus on the Family, a group that promotes adoption and pregnancy help centers that offer tangible help to women with crises pregnancies.

When backed into a corner, these radical feminists claim they want to make abortions safe, legal and rare. Why can’t they simply commend Focus on the Family for doing its part to make abortions rare and simply agree to disagree on their first two objectives? Instead, they are out trying to demonize Focus for being “intolerant.”

We are told that the Focus ad does not get into the controversial issue of abortion but, instead, will feature a positive message celebrating life.

Clearly, the only choice these radical feminists want promoted or celebrated is abortion and abortion alone.

Of course, these groups could buy their own ads, but what would be the message?

  • Scrape out that unwanted glob of pregnancy tissue and be free!

  • Guarantee yourself a perfect child – abort!
  • If you are pregnant and not equipped to raise a child, see that no one else does. Kill it!

Then, there is a compelling tag that could run at the end of every commercial, “Choose death!”

Now, I think you can see why these feminist groups are in such a tizzy. They have no real message with which to counter this ad.

That is why they are putting out surrogates to criticize Tim for becoming “political,” and suggesting that this might turn off his fans.

Is Tim Tebow being political or simply standing by the moral principles he claims to believe? Does the extreme left now view this as a character flaw in star athletes?

Let’s see, which sports star would you like your child to emulate – Tiger Woods or Tim Tebow? One uses women, the other respects them. I know. It’s a hard choice, especially for radical feminists.

The more light that shines on Tim Tebow, the sillier these radical feminist groups look. That is why their unspoken message to Tim Tebow and his mother Pam is: “Sit down and shut up!”

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