The Internet, the network of networks through which we communicate and transfer data worldwide, is an integral part of modern society. Any threat to the Internet, and to the free exchange of information thereon, arguably threatens American society and American security. A threat to the Internet silences the voices of millions of people engaged in free speech in the largest public square imaginable. A threat to the Internet endangers commerce domestically and internationally. A threat to the Internet is now a threat to the fabric of our technologically saturated world. While some might welcome the disconnection of the countless plugs running from the World Wide Web to the phones in our pockets and to the brains in our skulls, they are the minority. When the Internet became infrastructure, we became its dependents as surely as we continue to create its content.

Previously in Technocracy, we called Barack Hussein Obama “our technology dictator,” in recognition of his initially shrewd and subsequently overexposed use of multiple media to inflict his visage on us. Obama’s omnipresence on every flickering screen and in every possible venue competed only with his steadfast refusal to give up his personal data device, flouting years of White House security tradition and forcing the people who take care of such things to provide him with a specially prepared PDA hardened against hacking. Obama has, from the first days of his presidency, displayed a distinct technological savvy – which has, in his every word and deed, quickly manifested itself as a desire to control every technological venue in which Americans might conceivably find utility, entertainment or employment.

Mr. Obama has wasted no time implementing this destructive, invasive, oppressive worldview where the Internet is concerned. He is, after all, the man who previously sought the power of a collective “off” switch for the Web – in the form of a Senate bill that would give the White House “the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet.”

We covered the dangers of “net neutrality” in October after first, perhaps optimistically, suggesting that an Internet controlled by the United States and its commitment to individual rights would prevent the establishment of thoughtcrime. It has become clear that a government empowered to enforce its vision of net neutrality will only do harm, interfering in commerce while opening the door to the institution of the very thoughtcrime the concept of “net neutrality” is intended, idealistically, to prevent. Should we be surprised, then, that Barack Hussein Obama is an ardent supporter of this most recent evolution of a once high-minded principle?

Obama has said, “I’m a big believer in net neutrality,” and he wants to empower the unelected, unaccountable autocrats at the FCC to force you and your Internet Service Provider to toe his totalitarian line. Even if they lose the court battle over whether Obama can impose new government rules on the Internet, they intend to do it anyway. The overlords at the Federal Communications Commission are even now plotting and scheming to find a way around the law and our court system, inflicting their controls on us regardless of what we want, what our judges say or what the Constitution might contain.

Think it won’t be so bad? The FCC is already “worrying” that the popularity of Apple’s new iPad device could “clog the Internet.” Like all good little Democrats, their reaction to everything is to worry – and their response to worrying is to pass laws that control every facet of your life. When a Democrat worries, you can bet he’ll suggest a law be passed to curtail your civil liberties – for nothing worries a Democrat more than another man’s freedom. When a Democrat in a position of bureaucratically appointed power worries about a popular technology, you can bet the manufacturer of that technology should start worrying about the government rape of commerce that is about to occur.

Eager as he and his cronies are to control your life here at home, Obama is busily trying to give up control of key elements of Internet administration to foreign powers. If there’s one thing Democrats like more than government control of American citizens, its foreign control of American citizens. This desire has led Barack Hussein Obama to endanger not only the commerce and infrastructure of the United States, but the very lives of its citizens as well.

China, a nation actively engaged in espionage and hack attacks against the United States and American interests (the recent targeted attacks against Google, prompting the company to consider withdrawing from China altogether, were just symptoms of the larger problem), has been downgraded to a lesser security threat than it actually represents. This reclassification was done by the White House National Security Council – in other words, the Obama administration – over the strenuous objections of both the Director of National Intelligence and the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The downgrade removes a hostile China, which is actively building its military, from the ranks of nations like Iran and North Korea, instead considering it only a passing, trifling issue, on par with Haitian earthquakes and border squabbles between Third World nations. China, of course, has lied about its actions, but Communist nations always respond to direct evidence of their evils by sticking their fingers in their ears and obstinately declaring that reality isn’t happening. China does this while claiming its human-rights abuses and censorship of the Internet are what’s best for its oppressed masses. Simultaneously, China is building its military with just one goal in mind, and that is opposing the United States. What’s more, they know that we know.

And what is Obama doing instead of correcting these national-security vulnerabilities, which he has not merely allowed, but has actively encouraged? He arrogantly, petulantly, defiantly declares that We the People will not stop him. “I don’t quit,” Obama said during his embarrassingly politicized State of the Union address last week.

Well, Mr. Obama, that’s probably true. That’s why the voters will just have to make you.

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