As the angry, arrogant – and now severely wounded – “leader” of our nation revs up to fight back against mounting public opposition to his progressive policies, one is beginning to wonder if he might deserve to inherit Saddam’s title of the Master of Miscalculation.

Before the Scott Brown earthquake in Massachusetts, Brit Hume said that a Brown win could be the best thing that ever happened to Obama if it caused him to open his eyes and move toward the center. He was right, of course, but there was no way it was going to happen.

BHO is a true believer. By his own admission, when he was in college, he hung out with radicals, Chicanos and Marxist professors because he didn’t want to be seen as a “sellout.” Thus, left-wing poison is deeply imbedded in his psyche, which is why you can count on him to follow, to the bitter end, the Saul Alinsky model for taking control of America. He will double-down, triple-down and keep pushing until he either gets his way or is voted out of office.

Though millions of us knew from the start that BHO was a fraud, few imagined that, once in office, he would arrogantly thumb his nose at the American electorate. BHO has great difficulty hiding his disdain for the tea-party people, Fox News and anyone else who opposes his policies.

I don’t know how many Democrats will have the courage to stand up to BHO, but you can be sure that he will threaten and punish those who do not fall into line. In his eyes, he was not elected president of the U.S.; he was anointed monarch. He has absolutely no interest in what the electorate thinks.

Read the guidebook that’s influencing Barack Obama’s political warfare, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”

BHO and his progressive cronies have come too far and waited too long for this moment to let the transformation of America slip from their grasp – which is why I will continue to warn Americans to be on the alert for a “state of emergency” whose purpose would be to “postpone” the elections – and thus a Republican landslide – in 2010.

Now there is talk that Michelle Obama may become more involved in her husband’s political affairs. Golly, I never would have seen that one coming. Like Hillary before her, she has been standing in the wings, waiting impatiently for BHO’s caretakers to allow her to speak out. It was inevitable, even if Scott Brown’s stunning victory in Massachusetts had not happened.

So why would BHO’s teleprompter crew allow Madame Obama to step into the political arena, knowing that her ability to upset the masses makes the “original” Hillary almost seem like a normal first lady? Because they are well aware that the Democratic Party is going down in flames in nine months, and panic is starting to set in.

The Master of Miscalculation actually believed that the American public that chose him over the weakest Republican candidate in decades gave him a mandate to collapse the economy, get more than half the country on welfare and transform America into a full-fledged socialist nation. But over and over again, his arrogant beliefs have been proven wrong.

He was wrong in believing that campaigning for R. Creigh Deeds in the governor’s race in Virginia would produce a Democratic win.

He was wrong in believing that campaigning for Jon Corzine in the governor’s race in New Jersey would produce a Democratic win.

And he was wrong in believing that his coming to Massachusetts at the eleventh hour to support Martha Coakley would produce a Democratic win.

So, don’t be surprised if the Master of Miscalculation brings his secret weapon – “the first lady we’ve always wanted” – out of the closet. If so, it will prove be his biggest miscalculation to date.

He and his desperate minions would like to believe that his wife’s high poll numbers could save the day, but they couldn’t be more wrong. I know, I know … you’re probably thinking, “But she’ll fake it, just as Hillary has learned to do. She’ll suppress the Angela Davis rhetoric … no more talk about stealing pie from producers, about America being a downright mean country, or about never having been proud of America before.”

And you’re right, she will try to fake it – but she will fail. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that most people can only fake their true identity for so long. Michelle Obama’s hatred for America, capitalism, libertarians, conservatives, success and non-progressive white people simply runs too deep.

No matter how hard she tries to hide it, her scowl is always there – even when hidden behind a fake smile – and it gives her away. As Michele Malkin wrote in her book “Culture of Corruption,” the law partner who recruited Michelle Obama to work at a Chicago law firm later referred to her as “perennially dissatisfied.”

If Michelle Obama starts speaking out, she might initially give BHO a slight boost in his ratings. But both of them will misread the reaction of the public and, once again, arrogantly believe that they have a mandate – this time to feel free to say all kinds of bad things about America, wealth redistribution and progressivism – things that most Americans don’t want to hear.

This could be the death knell for BHO and his progressive policies. And, if so, you can expect to hear Michelle Obama angrily accusing the American public of racism for turning on her and her once invincible spouse, Barack Hussein Obama.

Nonetheless, don’t for a second think that they and their progressive allies will not fight to the bitter end to fundamentally transform the United States of America into a progressive paradise – which is why those of us who believe that liberty is a commodity worth saving need to be on 24-hour alert for a trumped-up state of emergency intended to head off elections in 2010 or 2012.

As Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction.”

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