This past year should be a real eye-opener for Americans about the complete lack of any ethics on the left of the political spectrum. Consider the following:

  1. The Democratic Party put forth, endorsed, and was able to get elected an individual who has no public traceability to his origins. What’s more, they’ve managed to frame the argument such that anyone who dares to question this is branded a lunatic fringe birther. Even many prominent conservatives are afraid to even touch the issue. With Obama as radical as leftists come, he was the dream come true for the base of the Democratic Party, and the goal of getting him elected was the end that justified the means.

  2. Al Franken managed to manufacture enough votes to steal the Minnesota senatorial election from Norm Coleman. The goal of getting the 60th Senate seat was the end that justified the means. “Do whatever it takes” was the mantra, and no amount of voter fraud was too great to achieve this.
  3. Democrats have, with the aid of race-baiting collaborators like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other self-described “civil rights leaders,” created a political plantation that has succeeded in keeping the black community feeling like helpless victims whose only path to success is through their white, liberal slave masters who dole out government handouts in exchange for votes. With a steady diet of victimology and intentionally baseless charges of racism against conservatives, it’s become a travesty that has resulted in a skyrocketing out-of-wedlock birth rate and an abortion rate that far exceeds their proportion of the population. On top of that, these same white liberals fiercely defend keeping inner-city black kids in their failing schools rather than allowing school vouchers for these kids to attain a decent education. Only in the latte-sipping world of San Francisco liberals could one believe that the Democratic Party is the best choice for blacks. Keeping blacks as a reliable Democratic voting block is the end that justifies the means.

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  4. Obama and congressional Democrats are using every parliamentary trick in the book to ramrod this health-care “reform” bill into law when the overwhelming evidence indicates the American people are opposed to it. Forcing the entire American population into government dependence (thereby assuring future Democratic political dominance in the decades to come) has been the goal of liberal Democrats for decades. This is the end that justified the means.
  5. Radical liberals (masquerading as scientists) obsessed with social control have been found to be manipulating climate data in an effort to keep global warming appearing to be a real problem. Everything from manufactured and altered temperature data to deliberately falsified assessments of melting glaciers, they bastardized the integrity of science and wasted untold billions of dollars manufacturing a crisis for the sole purpose of forcing the public to hand over it’s liberties to “save the planet.” This is the end that justified the means.

  6. Now we find that amnesty is back on the table. While George Bush’s amnesty goal was for economic purposes, the liberal Democrats are (and have been) looking to add Hispanics to their plantation they have blacks on. As another prospective dependency class, they’re looking to flip the amnesty switch to activate millions of sure-fire Democratic voters. With white independents now running away from the same Obama they elected, the Democrats need to replenish their base. This is the end that justifies the means.

Clearly this list can go on and on. Nevertheless, the Democrats have been practicing such slash-and-burn politics for years. Whether it’s the Constitution, the quality of life of their constituents, the rule of law – nothing is beyond trashing in order for them to attain and retain political power. The only silver lining is that it appears that the previously apathetic Americans who have become accustomed to bending over and grabbing their ankles have awakened to this and may be putting an end to it very soon.

Mike Michaelian

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