Gun rights activists, claiming that obtaining a concealed carry permit in some states is next to impossible, are planning to hit the road with a plan to help frustrated applicants around the country obtain permits for packing heat.

Gun Owners of America, in partnership with the Second Amendment March and the New Jersey Coalition for Self Defense, are hoping their new “Right to Carry Road Show” will soon spread nationwide to assist gun owners and send a message of defiance to gun control advocates who push to bog down applications in endless red tape.

The Road Show is a mobile processing system that brings to gun owners a consolidated program streamlining the steps to obtaining a self-defense firearm permit.

“In the past,” claims Gun Owners of America, “completing the application process often required several days for the applicant to arrange for fingerprinting and notarizing, sometimes even causing time off from work to coordinate scheduling with frequently uncooperative local agencies.”

But according to Robert Kreisler, president of NJCSD, “The ‘Right to Carry Road Show’ brings all the elements together in one place and lets people get everything done in about one hour.”

The system involves applying for a non-resident concealed carry permit from Florida, which has a streamlined process and reciprocity with many states where applying for a permit can be long and daunting.

“We even put all the paperwork in an envelope, seal it up, and mail it to Florida for you,” Kreisler says. “No more petty bureaucrats or politically-motivated roadblocks, just a fast and easy way to assert your right.”

Organizers claim they have successfully processed hundreds of permits without a single denial and are planning to expand from their first state, New Jersey, to develop a nationwide program.

“With the involvement of the Second Amendment March, the Right to Carry Road Show will soon be available in more states,” said Skip Coryell, founder of SAM, in a statement. “The three organizations have even developed an infrastructure where interested parties may operate their own permit-expediting events using a packaged system supported by training, promotion and even automated online reservation and payment processing.”

According to organizers, while nearly 40 states have laws requiring the issuance of concealed carry permits, some – like New Jersey – make it so difficult, interested parties often give up on their application.

“In states like New Jersey, Massachusetts and California, citizens are routinely denied the right to carry firearms for personal protection, and in states like Wisconsin and Illinois, carrying a firearm for protection is banned altogether,” the Road Show website claims. “It’s the mission of the Right To Carry Road Show to give Americans in these deprived areas the opportunity to exercise their rights.”

Organizers also admit a secondary agenda:

“But the best part,” the website continues, “is that when you attend a Right to Carry Road Show and get your permit, you’ll be sending a message to your state legislature that your rights are important to you, and that ‘progressive’ gun control is a tried-and-failed experiment of the past.”

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