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Valentine's Day, made in the U.S.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And guys, if you’re thinking about getting roses for that important woman in your life, you can be sure to get guaranteed American-grown roses from Jackson & Perkins, which delivers all of the company’s roses from California’s San Joaquin Valley.

But what if you’re interested in getting something other than the traditional Valentine’s Day gift of roses, and you want to find something that still originates in the United States?

Few things can warm an American heart more than a good, hot cup of coffee, and the best place to get it is from the USACoffeeCompany.com, where every bit of it is truly American from tree to cup.

Only American workers and American jobs are involved when you buy any of the many types of coffee and other related products from the USA Coffee Company, which grows all of its coffee in the great state of Hawaii. You can check out a V-Day Combo special and get free USPS Priority shipping.

America’s patriotic brick-and-mortar store AmericanAisle.com has all kinds of American-made Valentine’s Day gifts at special prices to celebrate the special day with your sweetie.

How about a vase full of Chocolate Red Roses on 14-inch stems complete with silk leaves for an amazingly low-priced $3.99? Also tough to beat is a six-piece gift stick of creamy caramel-filled, milk chocolate molded hearts wrapped in red and gold foil for $4.99.

Also available at AmericanAisle.com, if you don’t live close enough to the Chicagoland area to visit their store in person, are Heart Pops for 59 cents each, Valentine Pretzels (14 ounce bag for $7.99), Red Candied Dried Tart Cherries for $1.99, a Hearts Filled Teddy Bear for $7.99, a Cupid Crunch Bag of candy for $5.99, and milk chocolate pretzels, dark chocolate pretzels, and white chocolate pretzels for $7.99 each. How simpler (and cheaper) can it be to shower your sweetie with Valentine’s Day treats?

You also can buy American when you buy what I buy if you visit AmericanAisle.com and pick up an Icon Candle Heart for a mere $19.99. I can’t wait to fire up this candle and smell the romantic aroma blend of caramel, chocolate, and vanilla that I just know my wife will love. And now you can get 10 percent off your order using my special HTBA coupon code at checkout.

American Aisle also is having a moving sale between President’s Day on February 15th to February 21st, where you can get a whopping 40 percent off by using coupon code HTBAEX at checkout to get the lowest price ever.

At MadeInUSAForever.com you can choose from American-handcrafted Perla Fragola Strawberry White Chocolate or medium- and large-piece handcrafted chocolate by Maxmillan Chocolat by clicking the Food & Drinks tab on the website.

How about a Pixel Organics “Sweet Dreams” decorative pillow for your sweetie at MadeInUSAProductsStore.com? It’s the perfect way to rest and relax with an American-made pillow with Valentine’s Day decorative colors.

And why not consider classy clothing for the classy lady in your life from Eagles-way.com? Show her she’s your “Sweet Valentine” and make her sparkle with a ladies fashion T with a valentine motif on a pink background. These three-quarter sleeve all-cotton shirts come with jewel decorations and are made in USA by Cactus Fashion. The Valentine motif shows the words “To my Valentine” and “All my Love Now and Forever” with valentine hearts and ribbons and sparkly gemstones.

So now it’s easy to satisfy your sweetie and do your part as a patriotic American by keeping your money in America where it should be for the benefit of other Americans who need jobs so they can take pleasure in satisfying sweeties of their own.