Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been on the sidelines of the cultural war for a few weeks.  It’s true – I’ve had to “focus on the family” and practice being pro-life.  You see, a few weeks ago, my father was diagnosed with cancer. Two doctors gave him six months to live.  But, as radio listener “Lucy from Tennessee” wrote me, Christ has a big “C,” cancer has a small “c.”

Psalm 91 is hanging in my house, and the last verse, verse 16, jumped out to me: “With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.” So I took that verse with about 40 others (search “healing verses” at such as Psalm 103 (which declares that the Lord “heals ALL our diseases”) and started lifting my father up to my Heavenly Father.  If you’re a Christian who believes that God is the same today as He was yesterday when He was raising people from the dead, please join me in praying!

Then, as I began my research in how to fight this disease, I discovered that we haven’t done so well in the traditional methods of treatment.  If you don’t believe me, the question to ask a doctor is “What is the success rate or the statistical average of survival for this treatment?”  What you’ll find is  “standard” torturous treatments often offer an average life extension of only a few months.  Yet, I know others whose cancer is in “full remission” after traditional treatment.

Then, God put people in my path like my friend Ramona, who fought cancer for seven years and is now 10 years cancer-free.  She recommended a book that I have highlighted, underlined and dog-eared like few others.  It’s called “Knockout – Interviews with Doctors who are Curing Cancer” by Suzanne Somers.  Yes, that Suzanne Somers.  I’m not a fan of her contribution to the culture in the 1970s, but she’s certainly a far cry from the “dumb blonde” she played on TV, and I commend her courageous work now.  If you know someone with cancer, buy this book.

Is your doctor well-informed? Read “What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You”

I discovered that there is literally an entire underground world of people who are being cured of cancer!  I went to one of their clandestine meetings where they talked of nutrition and enzymes, Tijuana and alternative treatments.  I learned that sugar is like gasoline to the fire of cancer and that sugar is in nearly everything we buy.  They exposed that the FDA has allowed our food to be genetically altered – something animals go out of their way to avoid in studies, and something that kills them when they eat it.  That’s the stuff we’re now being fed.

So I purchased the costly cancer-killing enzymes and shopped at the organic health-food store, and for the first time in my life paid more than $300 for groceries.  I’ve always known that being pro-life had a cost.

But we still needed to decide on a treatment.  Here’s a question that helped me with my recommendation: If your body was the United States and you had a serial killer in Detroit, would you nuke the entire city of Detroit? That’s how radiation seems to me – nuking the good along with the bad.  Would you poison their drinking water?  This one seems more like chemotherapy – poisoning the good along with the bad.  Or would you go after the serial killer alone?

Then, I found out about a doctor who was doing just that.  He is going after just the tumors with a method called ablation.  His name is Dr. Jason Williams – and he took an hour and a half to talk with me and my family.  Dr. Williams is the director of radiology for Northwest Regional Medical Center at Clarksdale, Miss., and the chief of radiology for Precision Imaging in Gulf Shores, Ala.  This guy’s not opposed to traditional treatments, but I believe he’s perfected them.

He pioneered the technique of image-guided ablation.  Rather than exposing a patient to surgery, Dr. Williams takes a needle directly to the center of the tumor and “zaps” it with extreme temperatures – either heat from radio frequency or extreme cold – to kill just the tumor, even if it’s next to an artery or heart as in my father’s case.  His website is, and that’s the treatment my father is undergoing tomorrow.  Please pray they are able to get all of it.

I had to share what I’ve found out – because most everybody knows someone with cancer and this might just be a treatment that God can use to save their life.

My philosophy?  Do everything with a proven record of results.  Fast and pray.  Seek God and every promise He has made.  But Joshua had to do more than sit in his tent and “trust God” – to get the victory, he had to fight.  That’s what we have to do in this battle and in the battle for our nation.

And with your prayers and the amazing treatments He’s shown us, on this, my father’s 77th birthday, I’m trusting God will grant him many, many, many more.

Next week I hope to be off the sidelines and back in the cultural war with updates on May Day (May 1 at the Lincoln Memorial to cry out to God for our nation in distress).  Thanks to Dr. James Dobson who has joined the May Day Committee along with nearly 50 pro-family leaders.  Thanks, too, for those willing to put your faith to action and become a bus captain to bring your church, friends and family with you to Washington, Saturday, May 1.

If you believe we need God’s hand of rescue, become a May Day state coordinator, bus captain or volunteer by calling: 405-796-PRAY (7729) and go to the website:

In the battle for life and the battle for our nation, our hope is in God alone.  We begin with the distress call of “May Day!” – but then we must put our faith to action and make sure we do everything He’s shown us to win.

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