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Extremists gone wild on 'green' energy bill

Apollo Alliance co-founder Jeff Jones

The Apollo Alliance, whose board members include a slew of radicals, was instrumental in helping draft a “clean technology” bill being pushed by U.S. senators, WND has learned.

The Investments for Manufacturing Progress and Clean Technology Act of 2009, or IMPACT, was sponsored by Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, and is also being promoted by Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich. The act seeks to establish a $30 billion revolving loan fund to help small and mid-sized manufacturers retool their factories to produce “clean technologies” and become more energy efficient.

The Apollo Alliance has boasted in promotional material the act was based on the group’s recently published “GreenMAP” or Green Manufacturing Action Plan, which laid out aggressive steps to scale up production of American-made clean energy systems and components while making U.S. factories more energy efficient.

When Brown formally introduced the act in June, he was reportedly joined by Apollo Alliance Chairman Phil Angelides and other notable business, labor and “clean energy” leaders.

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“Without a program to support our own domestic manufacturers, policies that create new demand for clean energy will just lead to more imports,” Angelides told reporters alongside Brown.

“It is critical that Congress enact legislation that provides direct and substantial investment in clean energy component manufacturing to ensure that jobs are created in the U.S.,” Angelides said.

Brown commented, “We can revive American manufacturing through investment in clean energy. This bill will help our manufacturers retool, put our auto suppliers back to work and produce clean energy technologies.”

The Green Collar Association, a clearinghouse that supports green collar job growth through education and training, reported that shortly after Apollo’s GreenMAP report was released in April 2009, Brown and Stabenow asked the Apollo Alliance to help them draft model clean energy manufacturing policies based on the report’s recommendations.

The Apollo Alliance has been instrumental in helping draft key policies of the Obama administration. It was previously reported Apollo helped craft portions of the $787 billion “stimulus” bill signed into law by Obama.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said in mid-2009: “The Apollo Alliance has been an important factor in helping us [the U.S. Senate] develop and execute a strategy that makes great progress on these goals and in motivating the public to support them.”

Discover the Networks notes that in July, Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appointed Apollo Alliance Chairman Angelides to serve as chairman of the newly created Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.

The Apollo Alliance claims it was founded in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks “to catalyze a clean energy revolution in America.”

Among its board members are a grouping of radicals, including:

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