Carol Browner

Carol Browner, President Obama’s top energy and climate adviser, apparently has reversed her views on nuclear power, now hailing a plan by the president to open plants in the U.S.

However, just prior to joining the Obama administration, WND has learned, Browner was a member of the Alliance for Climate Protection, an organization run by Al Gore that opposes opening nuclear plants and argues nuclear power is not the answer to U.S. energy needs.

Obama on Tuesday announced a conditional $8.3 billion loan guarantee to support the construction of two nuclear reactors in Georgia, which would be the first new U.S. nuclear plants in more than three decades. Obama administration officials told reporters that more financial commitments to construct nuclear plants are on the way.

Browner said the Energy Department’s preliminary commitment to Southern Co. and its partners in a $14 billion nuclear plant development project was hopefully “the first of many new nuclear projects.”

“What we’re really doing is jump-starting the nuclear industry in this country,” Browner said, referring to the loan guarantees.

Since joining the Obama administration, Browner has been championing nuclear energy and the opening of new plants.

In a live online chat last month, Browner made positive statements about nuclear energy.

“We have not built a nuclear plant in this country in a long time, but we want to work with the industry to make that happen in the not-too-distant future,” she said.

However, until just before she joined the Obama administration, Browner was a member of Gore’s anti-nuclear Alliance for Climate Protection. Also, Green For All, a group founded by Obama’s former controversial “green jobs” czar, Van Jones, is a partner of Gore’s group.

Socialist ties

Since joining the Obama administration, Browner has come under fire for her membership in socialist groups, most notably the Commission for a Sustainable World Society at Socialist International. Discover the Networks describes Socialist International as the “umbrella group for 170 ‘social democratic, socialist and labor parties’ in 55 countries.”

Last month, it was noted Browner’s bio was removed from the Socialist International website but that her name was still listed next to the photo-biographies of 14 others on the commission.

In the 1970s, Browner worked for Citizen Action, a group founded by former Students for a Democratic Society radicals Steve Max and Heather Booth, both of whom later affiliated with Democratic Socialists of America.

‘Green’ leaders contradict selves on ‘clean coal’

Browner is not the only “green” activist to contradict herself on the environmental issues. WND reported earlier this week board members and endorsers of the Apollo Alliance, which successfully promoted “clean coal” funding as part of President Obama’s $787 billion “stimulus” bill, also have endorsed a group led by Al Gore that opposes the White House’s “clean coal” efforts, going so far as to claim “clean coal” doesn’t exist.

The Apollo Alliance board of directors includes a slew of extremists. The group is heavily influential in the Obama White House.

With research by Brenda J. Elliott

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