It turns out, of course, that the much vaunted so-called “stimulus” legislation that was supposed to create jobs as it pulled the economy out of the “great recession” isn’t working. Evan Bayh, the now-retiring senator from Indiana, has famously admitted as much, saying, “If I could create one job in the private sector by helping to grow a business, that would be one more than Congress has created in the last six months.”

Surprise, surprise! Government spending doesn’t create jobs, at least not without a war on. This fact has to be especially hard for a Democrat to admit. The official mythology of the Democratic Party rests on the tacit assumption that New Deal government jobs and public works programs pulled America out of the Great Depression. This assumption goes unquestioned among rank-and-file Democrats despite overwhelming evidence that the Depression ended only after the United States geared up for round two of the 20th century’s Great World War. Fortunately, absent some profiteering motive, sane people would agree that that particular remedy comes at too high a price. Robert Higgs makes a good point when he quotes Ludwig von Mises (“War prosperity is like the prosperity that an earthquake or a plague brings.”) in the course of substantiating the point that war creates a demand for more workers by literally shipping large numbers of able-bodied individuals off to the slaughterhouse. Just ask G.I. Joe how Rosie the Riveter came by her first job.

Unfortunately, like the Melanesian people who built their hopes on a classically fallacious post hoc, propter hoc observation, Democratic and RINO Republican voters have been suckered by their political exploiters into building false hopes for prosperity on the observation of the delivery of tax dollars to the party bosses and their cronies. (There are surely some folks in ACORN and other favored elements of the Obama cult who will testify to the return of prosperity in the wake of the stimulus legislation.) Meanwhile, the Obama faction’s Democrats seem willing to imitate only one element of the factual basis for the end of the Great Depression. Their fanatical promotion of abortion (and other practices inimical to human procreation) has proliferated slaughterhouses throughout the land, culling innocent lives that would otherwise have contributed to an expanding work force. The perennial and intensifying financial crisis of the Social Security system is one result.

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This perverse culling of the population makes no economic sense, but it takes on an ominously purposeful rationality in the context of a political agenda intent on overturning America’s system of republican self-government. It sets the stage for lax border-security policies and indolent enforcement of immigration laws on the excuse that the resulting flood of illegal immigrants consists of people willing to do the jobs there aren’t enough American citizens and legal residents to fill. Though stubbornly high unemployment rates put the lie to this excuse, the elite bipartisan push for amnesty for illegals just as stubbornly persists. One can’t be blamed for suspecting that the motive is political rather than economic. It makes sense that an elite intent on restoring oligarchic rule should be stubbornly interested in replacing ornery Americans (who still think the voters ought to be in charge of America’s destiny) with more tractable foreigners accustomed to the politics of elite domination in their native lands.

Real interest in restoring jobs and economic prosperity is also inconsistent with the taxation-induced clampdown on the development and exploitation of readily available energy resource involved in the emissions trading (aka cap-and-trade) pollution-control schemes. Here again the particular genius of the American people seems to be especially targeted. Americans have demonstrated a proven capacity to translate the nation’s available resources into productive enterprises that produce both jobs and a high quality of life. While in other regions of the globe people thirst for economic development in the midst of veritable oceans of economic possibility, the great scope individual liberty gives to human drive and creativity has meant that people from those very regions have come to America and worked economic miracles unheard of in their native lands.

The rising totalitarians of the Obama faction and the RINO fellow travelers openly or tacitly accept the notion that America’s great success is the blameworthy result of oppressing and unfairly exploiting other nations. This is of course why countries most heavily exposed to America’s direct presence and influence, like South Korea, have fared so poorly in comparison to the veritable utopias of socialist regimentation and elite party domination like North Korea. (I’m kidding, of course. The sad ignorance of our day compels me to point that out.) This assumption of blame provides the backdrop for sacrificing the interest of the American people in trade negotiations, schemes of international environmental regulation and lately through the reckless prostitution of America’s good faith and credit to fund profligate and politically motivated government spending financed in ways that threaten to place the economic future of the nation at the mercy of foreign governments and stateless economic interests.

As I argued many months ago in one of the little thoughts posted on my blog, the Obama faction’s spending schemes have mainly been a stimulus toward tyranny. They have had one unintended and potentially beneficial result, however. They have stimulated deep outrage and resistance from Americans unwilling to cap the prospects of their future by giving liberty in trade for elite domination. Such people can hardly wait until November rolls around. Then they will have their say.

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