Organizers of a new march on Washington are offering Americans the opportunity to show President Obama their birth certificates and declare that unless he produces documentation of his eligibility to occupy the Oval Office, he should quit.

The event is headed by Philip Berg, the first to bring court challenges to Obama’s eligibility under the U.S. Constitution’s requirement that presidents be a “natural born citizen.”

While a number of cases, including several of his own, remain pending, Berg told WND today the issue needs to be pressed.

“Since the courts are taking their time to get to the point of allowing ‘discovery,’ it is time to motivate the citizens of the United States for a ‘peaceful revolution’ to expose the ‘hoax’ of Obama, the biggest ‘hoax’ in the history of our country, in over 230 years,” he said.

Berg, who publicizes his cases through his website, said the planned “Birth Certificate March on Washington” will demand Obama resign.

A date and other logistical details of the march are to be announced within a few days, Berg told WND.

Demand the truth by joining the
petition campaign to make President Obama reveal his long-form,
hospital-generated birth certificate!

He’s also asking all citizens to e-mail, fax or mail a copy of their own birth certificates to him to present to Obama. The president should resign, he said, “because he has failed to produce his long form birth certificate to show he is ‘constitutionally eligible’ to be president.” (He said if people choose, they could black out private information.)

The copies can be e-mailed, fax to 610-834-7659 or mailed to: 555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12, Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531.

“We will be preparing them to deliver to Obama demanding that he resign from the office of president as he has not proven that he is ‘constitutionally eligible’ to be president,” Berg said.

“I am proceeding for the 305 plus million people in ‘our’ U.S.A., for ‘our’ forefathers and for the 3.2 million men and women that have died and/or been maimed defending our Constitution,” Berg said.

Berg said the continuing challenges to Obama’s eligibility are making an impact.

As WND reported, during the National Prayer Breakfast this year, Obama raised the issue himself.

“But surely you can question my policies without questioning my faith, or, for that matter, my citizenship,” Obama said.

The video:

“WOW, it is about time!,” said Berg. “This is great.”

He said he knew if efforts to expose the issue of Obama’s constitutional eligibility were continued, the “fraud” eventually would be uncovered.

Berg said he’s already gotten what he called a “fabulous” response to his plans. He said a march is something “people positively can do.”

On his website, Berg explains he believes Obama obtained an Indonesian passport while he lived with his mother and stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, in Indonesia, and that his act of attending school in Indonesia required him to be an Indonesian citizen.

Further, he contends that as an adult, Obama chose to continue his Indonesian citizenship by renewing his passport.

“Renewing an Indonesian passport after the age of 18 is an affirmative act, as you are swearing allegiance to another country. Soetoro/Obama renewed his Indonesian passport when he traveled to Pakistan, that is why he had to stop in Indonesia first. Remember, in 1981, [his mother] was divorcing Soetoro in Hawaii and was not in Indonesia. Obama/Soetoro admits to traveling to Indonesia first and then on to Pakistan. Soetoro/Obama claims in his book ‘Dreams from my Father’ that he stopped in Indonesia to visit his mother. But again, his mother was not in Indonesia, she was in Hawaii with Maya, divorcing Lolo Soetoro. In addition, the State Department has stated in response to a FOIA request that they do not have a U.S. Passport application on file for Barack H. Obama,” he explained.

“As a result of Soetoro/Obama’s Indonesian ‘natural’ citizenship status, Soetoro/Obama could never regain U.S. ‘natural born’ status, if he in fact he ever held such, which we doubt. Soetoro/Obama could have only become ‘naturalized’ if the proper paperwork were filed with the U.S. State Department, after going through U.S. Immigration upon his return to the United States; in which case, Soetoro/Obama would have received a Certification of Citizenship indicating ‘naturalized,'” he said.

Berg told WND he’s convinced that’s why Obama has been so adamant in refusing to release his school, college and university records. He said he believes they would show Obama received aid for school as a foreign national.

WND previously reported on instructions to Democrats that they start asking their GOP opponents for their position on the eligibility controversy.

And WND has reported on efforts to raise the question of Obama’s eligibility at the state and national levels. Several state legislatures are working on proposals that would require presidential candidates to submit proof of their eligibility.

Since Obama’s election, numerous lawsuits have been filed by Berg and others alleging he did not meet the U.S. Constitution’s requirement that a president be a “natural born citizen.” The lawsuits primarily have asserted he either was not born in Hawaii as he claims or was a dual citizen because of his father’s British citizenship at the time of his birth.

The Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, states, “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

However, none of the cases filed to date has been successful in reaching the plateau of legal discovery, so that information about Obama’s birth could be obtained.

In addition to state initiatives, a federal measure has been proposed by Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla.

Posey’s H.R. 1503 states:

“To amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to require the principal campaign committee of a candidate for election to the office of President to include with the committee’s statement of organization a copy of the candidate’s birth certificate, together with such other documentation as may be necessary to establish that the candidate meets the qualifications for eligibility to the Office of President under the Constitution.”

The bill also provides:

“Congress finds that under … the Constitution of the United States, in order to be eligible to serve as President, an individual must be a natural born citizen of the United States who has attained the age of 35 years and has been a resident within the United States for at least 14 years.”

The sponsors’ goal is for the bill to become effective for the
2012 presidential election. The legislation now is pending in a House committee and has more than a dozen co-sponsors.

Key to the arguments over Obama is the fact is original long-form birth certificate never has been released. A second significant factor is the multitude of documents that Obama has kept from the public.

Besides his actual birth documentation, the still-concealed documentation includes kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passport, medical records, his files from his years as an Illinois state senator, his Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records, and his adoption records.

Thirdly, another significant factor is the estimated $1.7 million Obama has spent on court cases to prevent any of the documentation of his life to be revealed to the public.

“Where’s The Birth Certificate?” billboard helps light up the night at the Mandalay Bay resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

Because of the dearth of information about Obama’s eligibility, WND founder Joseph Farah has launched a campaign to raise contributions to post billboards asking a simple question: “Where’s the birth certificate?”

The campaign followed a petition that has collected more than 490,000 signatures demanding proof of his eligibility, the availability of yard signs raising the question and the production of permanent, detachable magnetic bumper stickers asking the question.

The “certification of live birth” posted online and widely touted as “Obama’s birth certificate” does not in any way prove he was born in Hawaii, since the same “short-form” document is easily obtainable for children not born in Hawaii. The true “long-form” birth certificate – which includes information such as the name of the birth hospital and attending physician – is the only document that can prove Obama was born in Hawaii, but to date he has not permitted its release for public or press scrutiny.

Oddly, though congressional hearings were held to determine whether Sen. John McCain was constitutionally eligible to be president as a “natural born citizen,” no controlling legal authority ever sought to verify Obama’s claim to a Hawaiian birth.

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