Living in California is a challenge to rationality. Essentially, living in California makes it hard to maintain sanity.

In other words, this place can drive you crazy!

Clearly a state run and controlled by Democrats/liberals/ progressives/socialists/communists/Marxists – take your pick – with as iron a fist as they’re able to muster, what’s going on now is enough to spin your brain. And it doesn’t help when activists and bureaucrats from Washington get involved.

Would it surprise anyone that the powers that be in the state would favor affirmative action? Would it be a surprise to know that those same people and agencies would do all they can to promote “a level playing field” and “fairness” for anyone they deem underprivileged, under-served victims.

Of course not!

Look at these headlines from just last week.

A federal lawsuit was filed to overturn California’s ban on affirmative action in public university admissions and hiring.

At issue is Proposition 209, approved by 55 percent of the voters in November 1996. The proposition is a constitutional amendment that prohibits public institutions from considering race or sex or ethnicity in hiring or school admissions.

From the beginning, liberals fought the vote result. The legal challenge went to the U.S. Supreme Court, which rejected it.

So the law stands, and while race and sex considerations are illegal, higher education has found ways to “help” underrepresented minorities be admitted to the university and college system.

But liberals don’t give up.

Their latest legal challenge was filed by the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Immigrant Rights and Integration and “to fight for equality by any means necessary, along with a number of minority students.” (Note the inclusion of “immigrant rights.”)

They contend Prop 209 violates the equal protection clause in the U.S. Constitution. They claim it created a racial caste system in California’s university system. They’re suing Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, University of California President Mark Yudof and the University of California Board of Regents.

Here’s another instance of liberals not giving up. In 2008, voters approved Proposition 11, which established a method of setting up a citizens commission to redraw boundaries for the Assembly, Senate and Board of Equalization after each Census.

The purpose was to get it out of the hands of politicians and consultants.

Californians were asked to volunteer to serve. But a big problem turned up: Too many whites volunteered. The deadline was extended with a major push in minority communities to get volunteers. No luck.

So, will liberal politicians settle for the will of the people?

Not on your life!

It was revealed that Assembly Speaker Karen Bass and at least a dozen other Democrats are raising money to put an initiative on the November ballot to scrap Proposition 11 which was, please remember, voted into law by Californians in 2008!

So much for the will of the people.

Then there’s this.

BART, the Bay Area Rapid Transit, applied to Washington for $70 million transportation stimulus money to help build a rail extension to Oakland International Airport. The entire project is estimated to cost $492 million. It would ease traffic, create hundreds of jobs and stimulate the economy in a troubled area.

But the feds said “no” because the project would discriminate against minorities. One example? It would make it easier for “affluent” travelers to get to the airport.

Do the feds really think minorities don’t fly or work at the airport?

So what’s going to happen to the stimulus money? BART will get some to replace seat cushions and flooring on some cars as well as rearranging seats. The bus system will do preventative maintenance; another system will buy hybrid buses. Some railroad bridges will get seismic upgrades. Another transit system will replace office software and repave a bus lot.

None of these projects will solve the financial problems of any of these agencies and most are temporary fixes.

But, by golly, there’s no minority discrimination.

All of this is more than disgraceful. Liberals/progressives divide people into groups based on their race/skin color, sex, religion, ability/disability, country of origin/nationality/citizenship, language skills, economic situation, educational background, area of residence, type of job and anything else they can denote.

It’s classic “divide and conquer.” The goal is to separate people into groups they consider underprivileged and needy of government assistance to supposedly lift them out of their “neediness” and make things good and equal.

A classic example is the War on Poverty, launched with hi-flying confidence that with government help, poverty would disappear and those “underprivileged” would rise to the top and their problems would be solved – equality, and all that.

That 50 years have passed and that the billions of dollars spent didn’t make a dent in poverty hasn’t changed the beliefs of proponents.

They ignore that poverty is even more pervasive and welfare rolls are bulging, unemployment and school dropouts have increased, minority families have had their stability destroyed, children don’t know their parents, wives and mothers are deserted and the whole idea has resulted in a modern form of slavery. Welfare recipients are the new slaves on the government plantation – dependent on welfare and Uncle for support.

The shame of that failure is ignored for two reasons.

First, politicians and self-righteous liberals who consider it their calling to change society simply cannot admit failure.

Second: What has happened isn’t failure.

It’s exactly what was intended: the creation of a dependent class needing government support – people with independence and self-sufficiency beaten out of them.

With that self-perpetuating situation, government and bureaucracy have created unlimited power for themselves. It’s simply the logical outcome of the progressive philosophy that leads countries to the ultimate slavery of communist/Marxism.

But there is a problem.

This is the United States – what they’re doing violates our Constitution and our freedoms – and they must be stopped.

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