In my new book, “How Evil Works,” I show how a great deal of corruption is brought into our lives by a combination of two tactics: seduction and intimidation.

Quick one-paragraph refresher: Seduction basically means smiling and being nice while you’re lying to your intended victim and trying to get what you want from them. Intimidation means threatening them with harm if they don’t comply with your wishes. Thus, while a man could flatter, wine and dine a woman to get her into bed, he could also bypass the pretence and just force himself on her – either method, seduction or intimidation, leading to the same destination. Frequently people switch from one tactic to the other – like the impatient parent who tries “being nice” to his or her kids to get them to comply, and then when that doesn’t work switches to threats and intimidation to get the same result. Get it?

With that in mind, let’s focus on the national stage, and specifically on the latest developments in our government’s attempts to force socialized medicine on us.

Barack Obama persuaded 69 million Americans to vote for him by promising things any clear-thinking person could see he couldn’t possibly deliver – unifying America, taming foreign psychopath leaders, ending war, providing free college education, finding a cure for cancer (remember that one?) and so on. Millions of exhilarated Americans spent the latter part of 2008 virtually in an altered state of consciousness in anticipation of “the anointed one’s” reign. Now that’s seduction.

A year later, pollsters tell us, many of the formerly exhilarated are disappointed because they finally realize what so many others saw immediately – that Obama is not our savior, but rather a charismatic, politically skilled, radical progressive who has resolved within himself that it’s OK to lie and deceive constantly in order to impose his far-left agenda on center-right America.

Thus did Obama spend the last year, along with radical congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, trying to impose socialized medicine on a thoroughly resistant citizenry.

Outright intimidation and corruption dominated 2009, as not only voters but even Congress itself was forbidden from even reading the 2,000-page health-care bills drafted by murky radical groups. Then there was the naked bribery of senators (the “cornhusker kickback,” the “Louisiana purchase” and others), and the vicious attacks on health-care critics in which townhall-attending grandmothers, tea partiers, returning war heroes, pro-lifers and people with NRA bumper stickers were labeled extremists and Tim McVeigh wannabes. These and many other manifestations of ultra-corrupt Chicago politics writ large were on center stage all year long, to the horror and disgust of tens of millions of Americans.

Everything Obamacare critics feared – rationing, denial of services for the elderly and infirm, bureaucrat-staffed “death panels,” increased costs, long waits, loss of choice, abortion funding and the inevitable bankruptcy of the private insurance industry – was denied and ridiculed by Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Robert Gibbs and their propaganda ministry once known as the “mainstream media.” Yet all these fears were well-founded, as evidenced not only in the well-documented experiences of other Western countries like Canada and the United Kingdom that have fallen to socialized medicine, but also by the candid admissions of the very people laboring to impose government-run health care on America.

Then came the counter-revolution – from summer townhall meetings to tea party events and the Virginia and New Jersey election debacles, culminating in the election of Republican Scott Brown in heavily Democratic Massachusetts, which wrested from the Democrats their unilateral control of the Senate. In response, Obama and Pelosi tactically retreated, making public pronouncements they absolutely didn’t mean about backing off of health care. And Obama started talking about “bipartisanship” again, something he never demonstrated the slightest interest in over the past year.

Yet oddly, while we’re now hearing about renewed interest in Republican “input,” we’re also getting the exact opposite signal at the same time.

As Nancy Pelosi defiantly warned three weeks ago: “We will go through the gate. If the gate is closed, we will go over the fence. If the fence is too high, we will pole vault in. If that doesn’t work, we will parachute in. But we are going to get health care reform passed …”

Her method for storming the gates, or course, is the controversial parliamentary shortcut called reconciliation that enables congressional leaders to bypass the requirement for a 60-vote Senate supermajority to cut off debate and go to a final Obamacare vote with only 51 votes.

But what, then, is the purpose of engaging Republicans in the process now, since reconciliation entirely eliminates the need for any GOP votes?

Here’s where the new wave of seduction comes in:

A few Republicans, if they’re foolish enough to betray their party and country, may be manipulated into supporting Obamacare because the Democrats throw in tort reform or some other market-based reform. And since Republicans have previously endorsed such common-sense policies, they’ll feel obligated to support this legislation.

On the other hand, Republicans may stay true to their principles and not support what can only be described as a nose-under-the-tent bill to lay the groundwork for full-blown government-run health care. And when they refuse, Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their propaganda ministry will unleash a furious and sustained campaign of maligning Republicans, in an election year, as obstructionists, hypocrites, enemies of the poor and “the party of no.” That intimidation, in turn, is meant to cause some Republicans to cave. This is exactly what the GOP will soon face.

Therefore, here is how Republicans need to respond to this current attempt at seduction:

We’re sorry, President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid – nothing personal here – but you just came within a razor’s edge of plunging America into generations of darkness with the imposition of government-run health care. You were poised to radically transform this country, against the wishes of the vast majority of its citizens – every poll proves this.

We’re sure the millions of Americans who have fought, bled and died on foreign shores to protect others from the evils of forced collectivism would have rolled over in their graves as we submitted to socialized medicine – the holy grail of hardcore socialist nations the world over. It would have put us on the fast track to becoming one more weak, morally confused and thoroughly unexceptional European-style welfare state.

Therefore excuse us if we don’t provide political cover for you to claim that we Republicans shared in this leftist transformation of America under the banner of “bipartisanship.”

We Republicans have real solutions for improving health care, which we have steadfastly proclaimed despite your repeated and cynical misstatements to the American public that we have none. For instance, we have long called for tort reform, a major factor in high health-care costs, as well as ending the irrational prohibition of purchasing health insurance across state lines – both effective, common-sense reforms you have inexplicably shunned.

Thus, we will hold these and other genuine, free-market-based reforms in trust for the American people, to introduce after this November’s election when our party will take again control of the United States Congress. Then, we pledge to introduce genuine reforms that will enhance the greatest health-care delivery system the world has ever known, and not dismantle and hobble it as you have attempted to do.”

In the unfortunate event Obamacare is nevertheless rammed down Americans’ throats through budget reconciliation – with or without the votes of any Republicans – then the No. 1 campaign plank for those running for election and re-election this November has to be: “We vow to repeal Obamacare, which the Democrats have forced on an unwilling America.” Furthermore, a vote for Obamacare has to be the No. 1 criterion for removal from office.

In the end, Barack Obama’s call for GOP “bipartisanship” is just a cynical side show, a distraction, an opportunity to hurt Republicans in an election year whether they sign on to the legislation or not – while the nasty business of forcing socialism on free Americans continues.

Republicans are blessed with a noble and principled national platform. All they need to prevail is the courage to stand up for those principles and for the American people.

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