You will recall that in my article “Will BHO’s secret weapon emerge?” I warned that as the Duplicitous Despot’s popularity continues to sink, his frantic PR crew might try to push his wife front and center because of her high poll numbers.

I also said that she would be given strict instructions to suppress the Angela Davis rhetoric and play the Hillary Makeover Card … no more talk about stealing pie from producers, about America’s being a downright mean country, or about never having been proud of her country before it elected her socialist husband to office.

Sure enough, leave it to “conservative” Mike Huckabee to give her her first opportunity to come into enemy territory and put on a performance to behold. The excuse for the interview was childhood obesity. The problem of childhood obesity is an important one, but if you believe it was Michelle Obama’s reason for doing the Huckabee interview … c’mon.

Not only did Huckabee interview the extreme makeover version of Michelle Obama, he lobbed her set-up questions specifically aimed at giving her the opportunity to override just about every angry, anti-American statement she’s ever made.

What kind of a relationship do Michelle and Barack Obama have? Check out Christopher Andersen’s new book, “Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage”

One of Michelle Obama’s more infamous past statements was that America is a country that is “just downright mean.” A mere slip of the tongue, right? Enter Mike Huckabee, who lobbed her a warm-and-fuzzy pitch that gave her the opportunity to say that America is “a really cool country with some really great people all over the place.”

Angela … er, Michelle … then went on to say, “It’s decent, it’s kind. I love my country.” You could just hear Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky in their graves: “Heh, heh, heh.”

It was enough to make a refined person lose his lobster and caviar. Interesting how the White House attack team has made it clear they don’t consider Fox News to be a legitimate news source – even trying to bar Fox reporters from a recent press gathering at the White House – yet Michelle Obama appears for a 45-minute interview on the very same “non-news” channel!

As the Obamapression worsens – and it will – you can expect to see Mike Huckabee interview the Master of Misdirection himself – the guy who’s practically made a career out of badmouthing Fox News.

But this article isn’t about Michelle or Barack Obama. All but the terminally anesthetized know full well what they really believe in. No, this article is about Mike Huckabee, who, whether or not he knows it, dropped out of the running last weekend for the Republican presidential nomination.

Mike Huckabee’s Slick Willie cleverness makes him hard to pin down, but his interview with Michelle Obama connected a lot of the dots for me. I once speculated that Mike Huckabee could possibly get the Republican nomination without the support of the Republican Party’s conservative base if he could put together a coalition of evangelicals and disenfranchised independents and liberal Democrats.

Today, I’m here to tell you to forget about that theory. It won’t happen. By interviewing Michelle Obama on his show – apparently without concern for Rush Limbaugh’s recent chest pains – he lost any chance he may have had for gaining the Republican nomination.

What is especially irritating to conservatives is the juxtaposition of Huckabee’s lovey-dovey interview with Michelle Obama and the ambush he pulled on Ann Coulter. The latter interview brought out into the open an underlying mean streak in the man. The trap he set for Coulter was childish and petty. Mike Huckabee does not like to be challenged, and Ann, rightly so, has pointed out his liberal tendencies on more than one occasion.

The Huckabee mean streak also came through unpolished in his book “Do the Right Thing,” when he made it clear that he hated two things, in particular: Mitt Romney and libertarians. He also showed his populist underpinnings by constantly alluding to his preference for “the Wal-Mart crowd,” as though shopping at Wal-Mart somehow made one morally superior.

His conservative positions sound good, but his endless stream of left-wing guests on his show – not to mention his attack on Ann Coulter – don’t match up with his conservative proclamations.

After watching most of the outrageous Michelle Obama interview, I have concluded that only one of three things could have prompted Mike Huckabee to play the role of lackey for the White House. 1) He’s either stupid, 2) he suffers from Obama Arrogance Inflammation (meaning that he believes he is so loved that he can get away with anything), or 3) he has decided to settle for being rich and famous and not run for president.

Since I see him as a man with a trip-hammer mind, No. 1 is not likely. But if he does still believe he has a chance to win the nomination, then I have to assume that Obama Arrogance Inflammation has caused him to be delusional. No, my guess is that he has decided to enjoy his newfound fame and fortune and forget about running for president.

Conservatives will never forgive Mike Huckabee for last week’s slobbering interview with someone who has wanted to remake America into a socialist country since she was a very young woman. And to rub insult into injury, Huckabee turned right around on Geraldo’s show and attacked CPAC, of all things, as being too extreme for him (which, he said, is why he didn’t attend the CPAC convention). That certainly had to be his death knell with the Republican Party.

But maybe Mike Huckabee really does believe that the Republican Party is still the party of John McCain and Lindsay Graham progressives. I hope so, because if he enters the race and participates in the 2012 primary debates (if there actually are debates), it will make for great theater – perhaps the entertainment treat of the decade. With the Huckster and Mitt on the same stage, it could even surpass the Thrilla in Manilla.

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