Lila Rose

A Planned Parenthood official in Wisconsin is being accused of lying to reporters after she defended her Milwaukee clinic’s actions in an undercover video that reveals workers allegedly covering up a child-sex abuse case.

WND reported just days ago on the video, released by Live, showing staff members at a Milwaukee, Wis., Planned Parenthood abortion clinic counseling a woman who posed as a 14-year-old statutory rape victim not to tell anyone about her 31-year-old boyfriend.

The staff also coached her on how to obtain an abortion without her parents’ knowledge or approval, the group said. Lila Rose, a 21-year-old UCLA student and Live Action’s president, went undercover at the Milwaukee business and told a counselor she was 14, pregnant by her “31-year-old boyfriend” and she couldn’t let her parents know.

According to Wisconsin law, sex between an adult and a child younger than 16 years old is a felony, and health professionals are required to report cases of sexual abuse to authorities. However, counselors at the abortion clinic indicated they would not report the abuse.

Live Action’s recording of the event can be seen below:

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Now Live Action has released a new video in response to statements by Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin CEO Teri Huyck, who said, “In this particular circumstance, we did not have the name of the young woman. She did not give it to us. She did not provide any ID. So we were unable to make any report.”

In the Wisconsin State Journal, Huyck is quoted stating that “assuming this patient gave us her name, we would report it” to police.

“The so-called patient in this case did not provide identifying information. In fact, she refused,” Huyck said. “It would’ve been difficult if not impossible to make any kind of report.”

The new video highlights a clinic worker asking the patient for her name and birthdate and then apparently writing down the information that was provided:

The “patient” provided the name “Janelle Marion,” spelling out her last name and confirming that she was born on July 27.

“Planned Parenthood had the little girl’s name and birth date – more than enough information to make a report,” Rose said today. “As they have done consistently in the past, Planned Parenthood chose not to report the abuse, and now they are lying to cover up that fact.

“How many other rapes has this single clinic covered up because it was too ‘difficult’ to make a phone call to the police? The Milwaukee district attorney and the state attorney general’s office needs to investigate Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and enforce the laws meant to protect young girls,” she said.

Live Action confirmed that it had mailed the full footage from the Milwaukee clinic undercover visit to local and state prosecutors.

A Planned Parenthood clinic in Birmingham, Ala., presently is on probation because of a state investigation there prompted by a Live Action video.

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