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“On the Air” was an unmitigated disaster.

The Democratic National Committee’s activist arm, Organizing for America, asked volunteers to call conservative talk radio shows last Friday and regale the host and listeners with pre-packaged talking points pushing Obamacare.

Naturally, loyal listeners contacted their favorite shows first and warned them to expect a deluge of these “seminar callers.” Of course, radio veterans who’ve been dealing with troublemaking callers for decades were nonplussed; on Friday, Rush ran a new skit mocking “On the Air,” and other hosts made fun of the Democrats’ campaign – along with the few hapless callers they deigned to put through.

How sad that the Democratic Party has stooped to making prank calls to get its arguments across. The failed campaign, however, provided conservative talk radio hosts and listeners with a week’s worth of free comedy.

Rush Limbaugh

“I was wrong.”

It’s not something Rush Limbaugh says very often, but he did so on Thursday, admitting that the GOP made the right choice in attending the Blair House healthcare summit.

Limbaugh said, “It is the Democrats, Harry Reid, Pelosi, Obama, Biden, who are coming off like the most unlikable, mean, petulant people that they are. … I want to commend the Republicans for, at least up to now, sticking to the high arguments of this and making hash out of Obama and the Democrats.”

Senator Jim Bunning took a lot of flack this week for standing up against reckless government spending and Democrat hypocrisy about the PayGo rule. Limbaugh called Bunning a hero:

“Jim Bunning knows that there is more anger in this country over spending than there is over any other issue,” Limbaugh said. “There is more anger over spending and the economy and lack of jobs, and Jim Bunning is a hero to people here for trying to finally get the Senate to abide by its PayGo rules” (FREE audio).

Rush has been musing for some time about selling his home in New York City, due to the astronomical taxes he’s forced to pay ($72,000 a year according to one report.) This week, he made it official: Limbaugh’s 20th floor penthouse overlooking Central Park is up for sale. Asking price? $13.95 million.

Sean Hannity

“I’ve never been more afraid for the future of this country,” Sean told listeners on Tuesday, “but I’ve also never been more inspired and hopeful by all of you who’ve been part of the town hall movement and the tea party movement. If you didn’t show up for those town hall meetings in August, we would not be where we are today.”

Sean had Senator Bunning on his show this week at the height of the controversy, and called him “one of the most entertaining guests we’ve had on in a while!”

He also talked to Rep. Pete King of New York, Stuart Varney, Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney, among other big-name guests.

Although they weren’t as entertaining, Sean endured his share of DNC “seminar callers,” like Joe in Rockland County, who praised the “great efforts of Barack Obama to have people sit at the roundtable to discuss what can be done as far as health care.”

Sean replied that the Blair House summit was just Obama’s desperate “last ditch effort to save his health care plan.”

Michael Savage

Jeanette Prior’s “Brooklyn-born husband has often compared radio talk show host, Michael Savage, to the old men sitting on the stoops, eager to regale passers-by with a stream of irascible social commentary.”

The NewsReal blogger was praising Savage’s recent segment about a Muslim woman who was fired after refusing to work without her veil.

Naturally, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is suing the woman’s former employer.

Savage, whose feuds with CAIR are well-known, asked his listeners, “Is the Hijab freedom, or slavery? Here you have women and girls marching around in front of Abercrombie and Fitch wearing this seventh century headdress carrying signs that say, ‘Hijab is Freedom.’ It is Orwellian. You tell these girls that they have to cover their bodies to protect the male ego, and then you brainwash them into thinking they are free.”

Arguably Savage’s most popular segment this week was his conversation about cremation with a funeral director, Ron Paul voter and Holocaust denier who wasn’t as smart as he thought he was. Savage slowly flailed the caller to “death,” albeit verbally (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

It’s time for another “Levin Surge!” On Wednesday, Mark Levin invited listeners to push back on Obamacare by calling the ten Democratic senators being courted by the President to pass his plan (FREE audio).

Levin has also endorsed California Assemblyman Chuck Devore in his campaign to be the Republican candidate for the Senate. The Devore campaign posted an audio clip of Levin’s endorsement on their campaign website. In classic Levin style, he called incumbent Barbara Boxer a “red,” a “left-wing bomb thrower” and “detestable little troll.”

In contrast, Levin praised Devore as a “solid constitutionalist,” adding, “Let’s get people who are solidly right wing [elected to office].”

On Friday, March 5, Levin will be speaking at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation. This gala event is sold out, but the Reagan Foundation will webcast the speech live at 6 p.m PT.

Glenn Beck

“I see you and love you,” said disgraced ex-White House “green jobs” czar Van Jones over the weekend. He was speaking (rhetorically) to Glenn Beck, whose exposure of Jones’ radical past helped get Jones fired.

On Monday, Beck responded: “The country that you’re looking for is very different than the country I understand. It’s a country that is very different than the country that most people understand. You, sir, are a self-avowed communist. You are somebody that wants to fundamentally transform America, and you’re doing it through the guise of green jobs. Now, you can talk about love all you want, and I can love you right back, and I see you, Van Jones. I see you. And I love you, too. But the job that you’re doing is in the cover of darkness. Mine is wide open.”

Alexander Zaitchik, the author of a forthcoming book that will be highly critical of Beck, says he was motivated to write “Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance” because, “I started looking into Beck and saw that there was this subculture developing – Beck viewing parties, Beck meet-ups, stuff like that, all across the country. And this was a full month before Rick Santelli got the Tea Party thing going. It was obvious that something was bubbling underneath Beck’s demo that was unique, more Palin than Hannity.”

Laura Ingraham

Soon, Laura Ingraham’s fans will be able to sign up for a premium service called “Laura365.” She’s offering a sneak preview of one benefit of membership: a new video series in which she’ll answer listener’s questions (FREE video below):

This week, Laura also welcomed guests Mitt Romney, foreign intelligence expert John Yoo and Gregg Abbott, who talked about the landmark Second Amendment case now before the Supreme Court (FREE audio).

Finally, congratulations to Aaron Klein

The WND senior reporter and author now joins the ranks of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin at New York’s WABC 770 AM, the largest talk station in America.

“Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” will be featured Sundays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. ET. The show can also be heard on the station’s online stream. Given Klein’s reputation for fearless investigative reporting and his often confrontational style, the program should be appointment listening for anyone passionate about world affairs and national security.

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