Not every American fed up with the federal government’s increasing debt and tax burden made it to Washington, D.C., for last fall’s tea party rally, but now a website is harnessing the power of “avatars” to create a new march that anyone with a computer can participate in.

Over 150,000 people have already joined the Online Tax Revolt, a citizens’ virtual march on the nation’s capital that will culminate on April 15 with actual events in Washington, D.C.

Organizers clarify that the Revolt is not a refusal to pay taxes for needed government operations, but a rejection of the federal government hiding behind a complicated tax system to mask astounding levels of spending and national debt.

“The Online Tax Revolt is open to every American who believes taxes and spending are out of control, harmful to our country and a threat to our nation’s future,” states the campaign’s chairman and FairTax advocate Ken Hoagland on the Revolt’s website. “Our economic future and that of future generations is at stake. … We’re in serious trouble, and it falls to us to get the nation back on track. This march is a wake-up call to everyone in Washington that the American people won’t be ignored any longer.”

Though the 150,000 who have signed up so far represent a grassroots movement to make their voices heard in Washington, a number of national figures have also joined the cause. Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher, TV talk host Mike Huckabee, radio personalities Michael Reagan, Neal Boortz and Martha Zoller, as well as Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, are among the growing group of those who will “lead” virtual teams of protesters to the capital.

“My father, Ronald Reagan, battled successfully to simplify the tax code, but his work has been largely undone,” writes Michael Reagan in a column about the Revolt. “The arrogance of those who use the tax code to manipulate citizen behavior and congressional ambitions for personal advancement has again corrupted the already destructive income tax system. It will fall to the American people to once again reject unfair taxation that favors the mighty at the expense of the public.

“These 237 years after the Boston Tea Party and 31 years after the tax revolt that contributed to the election of my father as president, America is again rejecting ‘taxation without representation’ and the rule of new American aristocrats,” Reagan continues. “This time, the digital world is joining the physical world, so even home-bound Americans can voice their dissatisfaction with our corrupted tax system.”

Those who wish to join the march can simply log on to, choose an “avatar” – an animated, online representation of a real person – and start its march to the nation’s capital.

Organizers explain that participants can march individually or in teams and boast the site is equipped with Google Maps, which enables participants to track the location their avatars and follow their progress to Washington.

Screenshot of avatars “marching” to Washington, D.C.

The website clarifies, “Though sponsored by Americans for Fair Taxation, the Online Tax Revolt is neutral on tax policy. It is open to all who are fed up and want real tax reform.”

“Tea Party patriots, FairTaxers, Flat Taxers and most Americans of every political persuasion understand that the federal tax system fuels unchecked government spending, hides the cost of government from the American taxpayer and has become corrupted into indecipherability by congressional profits and power,” writes Reagan. “Citizens are coming together from across the political spectrum and across the nation to wake Washington up to the voice of the American people.”

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