Over 45 years ago, I was on the lecture circuit with Frank L. Kluckhohn. He had just finished writing a book entitled “The Naked Rise of Communism” (1962). Frank was an extraordinary gentleman whose career included being a correspondent for the New York Times, an adviser to the secretary of defense in the Truman administration (1948) and holding a position in John Foster Dulles’ State Department during the Eisenhower years. This is background material to an important point I want to make about our current policies regarding gays in the military.

One of Frank’s responsibilities in the Truman administration was to uncover and remove homosexuals from positions of influence in the Department of Defense for “security reasons.”

It turns out that nearly all the major security risks (those who betrayed the United States to the Soviet Union, Communist China, etc.) also had homosexual connections. It seems that spies and homosexuality went together like Mary and her little lamb.

This was true not only in the U.S. but also in England. For example, several members of the secret society at Cambridge University known as the “Cambridge Apostles” did in fact turn on their own country to become Soviet spies, some of whom were known to be homosexuals. This list includes Guy Burgess, Donald MacLean, Kim Philby, Michael Straight, Anthony Blunt, Leonard Long and John Asbury, among others.

President Harry Truman is one man who condoned neither homosexual activity (sodomy, fisting, rimming, etc.) nor communist spies in the U.S. government! He instructed both the State Department and Defense Department to identify homosexuals in government positions and dismiss them.

This is where Frank Kluckhohn comes on the scene; this became his assignment. What I learned from him would make a great book in itself, but his death in 1970 in an auto accident makes this impossible.

The one thing I distinctly remember Frank telling me about his job is the homosexual practice of colonization. Frank explained that after he would identify one homosexual, he would merely trace the person responsible for placing him in that particular department, and before long he would discover another homosexual. It seems that homosexuals would settle into a position and then use their position to hire fellow homosexuals into the same department or even move them into a higher position until the department was completely colonized.

Under President Truman, hundreds of homosexuals were removed from government departments because of their propensity for becoming Soviet/Chinese spies and betraying their own country.

How times have changed! A recent president, Bill Clinton, and our current president, Barack Obama, are brazenly pro-homosexual and are willing to do everything in their power to sodomize the finest military in all of human history – and this not for military reasons, but for social and political reasons.

Interestingly, neither Clinton nor Obama served in the military, and Clinton somehow avoided the draft.

Obama’s administration is economically, socially, and politically in the corner of John Maynard Keynes, who was a member of the Cambridge Apostles and a flaming homosexual. His “lover” Lytton Strachey referred to him as “a liberal, a sodomite, an atheist and a statistician.” Keynes himself was heavily involved with Harry Dexter White (of U.S. Treasury fame), a Soviet/Chinese spy.

Now it’s 2010, and President Obama, a man steeped in radical left-wing politics and a kind of Students-for-a-Democratic-Society commander in chief, wants to allow “open” homosexuals in the United States military. Open homosexuality would have to include the GLBTQ gamut – gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer. Lambda Legal and the ACLU will insist on it. And Sen. Lieberman already proposed on March 8 a bill “legalizing bisexual behavior in the U.S. Military.”

Allowing “gays in the military,” therefore, is misleading. Once gays are openly recruited and accepted in the military, their “cousins” will follow suit (lesbian, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, intersexual, queer, etc.). Such a scenario would even make Julius Caesar, who was bisexual, blush. Among soldiers, he was known as “every woman’s husband and every man’s wife” (Taylor Caldwell, “A Pillar of Iron,” p. 697).

The United States is currently involved in two wars. Is the president out to destroy our military? Can any thinking American wish to see an “open” cross-dressing homosexual Army general trying to gain the trust of his troops (or for that matter, the nation)? Have we as a nation fallen so far that we need to apologize to Sodom?

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If the military becomes colonized as the State and Defense Departments were once colonized, homosexuals will indeed end up being generals and admirals. Just imagine a quota system in place that required 10 percent of officers be homosexual (similar to the demand that 10 percent of teachers and counselors in schools be gay to reflect the gay population – although the truth is that less than 2 percent of the population is gay).

But the heartache for Christians, who believe that homosexuality is a sin, unnatural, immoral, unhealthy and an insult to the God who made us male and female, is that homosexuality will not just be tolerated in the military, but promoted at every turn. Military chaplains will be instructed to ignore Genesis 19 and Romans 1. Military officers will lose their position for speaking out against homosexuality.

If you say you don’t believe it could happen, you’re living in a fool’s paradise. Let’s not forget that Obama appointed Kevin Jennings, a flaming homosexual, as his “safe schools czar.” Talk about letting the fox into the chicken coop! What Jennings is keeping kids safe from is any criticism of homosexuality in the public schools, which are literally teaching it as a safe, natural and moral lifestyle.

Citizen magazine (February 2010, p. 7) carried a story by Karen England regarding an Alameda, Calif., elementary school that was developing a kindergarten–to–5th–grade homosexual curriculum that parents would not be allowed to opt out of. This follows acceptance of the now familiar children’s books “The King and King,” “Heather Has Two Mommies,” “Daddy’s Roommate” and “Gloria Goes to Gay Pride.” What is less familiar is a book of essays called “Queering Elementary Education: Advancing the Dialogue about Sexualities and Schooling,” with an introduction by Jennings. If Obama and Jennings are not shy about sodomizing public education, why would they be shy about sodomizing the military?!

The problem would be 100 percent more pronounced in the military. Homosexuality would not just be tolerated, but advocated and promoted. Anyone who would even whisper a criticism of it would be forced out, demoted, or tried in court for sexual harassment or even hate crimes.

Why can’t thinking people see this coming?

John R. Guardiano says in an article entitled “The Intolerance and Bigotry of Openly Gay Military Service” that “the gay lobby demands not just tolerance of lesbians and homosexuals, but explicit affirmation of the same. Consequently, the gay lobby will litigate against religious believers [Kevin Jennings hates Christians, for example] and cultural traditionalists who do not acquiesce to its agenda.”

Guardiano also points out that “the litigious nature of American society almost will require that these issues be fought out in the courts, where cultural traditionalists and religious believers have very few allies.”

He concludes that “as a practical matter, the hierarchical nature of the military tends to suppress free thought and intellectual dissent.”

We don’t really have to speculate about what this censorship will look like because it’s already happening.

Two days after President Obama promised in his State of the Union address Jan. 27, 2010, to dump the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, the president of the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins (a former Marine), was disinvited to speak at a prayer luncheon at Andrews Air Force Base.

According to Guardiano, the reason for the disinvite came from the military itself – “Perkins had spoken out in support of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ … and this, he was told, made his views ‘incompatible for military members [who] serve our elected officials and our commander in chief.'”

The Washington Times explained the situation this way: “The [Air Force] Chaplain’s Office retracted Mr. Perkins’ invitation after his recent public comments made many who planned to attend the event uncomfortable, the Andrews base public affairs office said in a statement issued late Thursday, [Feb. 25].”

Perkins issued the following response: “As one who took the oath to protect our freedoms, I am disappointed that I’ve been denied the opportunity to speak to members of the military, in a nonpolitical way, solely because I exercised my free-speech rights in a different forum. It’s ironic that this blacklisting should occur because I called for the retention and enforcement of a valid federal statute. Unfortunately, this is just a precursor of things to come in a post–’don’t ask, don’t tell’ military. This legislation would more than open the armed forces to homosexuals; it would lead to a zero-tolerance policy toward anyone who disapproves of homosexuality. Military chaplains would bear the heaviest burden. Would their sermons be censored to prevent them from preaching on biblical passages which describe homosexual conduct as a sin?”

The answer, unfortunately, is obvious.

And we haven’t even addressed the innumerable diseases the practice of homosexuality perpetuates. Many of them are unpronounceable (i.e., cryptosporidium, chlamydia trachomatis, ciardia lamblia, isospora belli, microsporidia), but deadly just the same. AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis and anal cancer come immediately to mind in the pronounceable category. It is said that an army’s greatest enemy is disease. If this is true, how will overturning the current policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” make our armed forces into healthier, better fighting units?

Nor have we yet addressed the issue of moral force. Like police officers and firefighters, those in military uniform represent a powerful moral force around the world. Americans abroad, including missionaries, would much rather be rescued by a U.S. military force than a United Nations force. Haitians who survived their massive earthquake would rather see the U.S. military on the ground than any U.N. force. We’ve heard stories of police officers and firefighters being forced to march in “gay” parades or lose their jobs. What’s to prevent military personnel from being forced into similar situations?

I believe the commandant of the Marine Corps hit the nail on the head in his address to Congress: “My personal opinion is that unless we can strip away the emotion, the agendas, and the politics and ask whether we somehow enhance the war-fighting capabilities of the United States Marine Corps by allowing homosexuals to openly serve, then we haven’t addressed this issue from the correct perspective.”

I don’t think the gay mafia (mostly antimilitary radical leftists who seek to use this issue to make their lifestyle respectable and salable) has yet explained fully what “open” means in this context. In fact, their sexual practices can’t be discussed in the open! The Bible designates them as abominable. Any television station that dared to broadcast such perversion would lose its license for doing it! Every civilization (except Sparta, Sodom and Gomorrah) has recognized this and sought to marginalize such activity for fear of corrupting their youth and destroying the heterosexual community. Have we forgotten what happened to Socrates or most recently the failings of the clergy relating to pederasty?

What the United States armed forces are asking for is their own demise! Shame on you, Robert Gates! What our nation is asking for is its own demise! Shame on you, President Barack Obama! Since Kevin “Queering Elementary Education” Jennings is already in charge of making our public schools safe for homosexuality, why not appoint another czar just like him to be in charge of making the military safe for “open” sodomy?

However, if we’re really interested in the truth, a comprehensive poll conducted by the Military Times found that just “27 percent of military men and only 17 percent of Marines favor open homosexuality within their ranks.” It’s not just “religious believers and cultural traditionalists” who are opposed to open homosexuality in the military.

“Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” (Quem Deus vult perdere, dementat prius).

Thank you, Euripides, for the commentary!


David A. Noebel is president of Summit Ministries.

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