Heads up, folks!

If you think the Obama administration and his lapdog Congress put on the full-court press concerning the health-care legislation – with more than a little arm-twisting by Pelosi, Reid and Emanuel – just wait a week and you’ll see the same tactics, only worse, to push through a new immigration policy.

The president wants the proposal submitted by March 21!

Barack Obama repeatedly says he’ll keep his campaign promise to revise U.S. immigration laws, calling it “comprehensive immigration reform.”

That sounds nice, but the real issue isn’t just “immigration,” it’s rampant illegal immigration.

It’s gone on for decades and increased dramatically as foreigners realized how easy it was to get in and stay in the United States and actually have the government take care of them.

Nice work if you can get it – and they can.

Some people say it doesn’t matter. They like the mix of cultures. Others say the country needs illegals to do the jobs Americans won’t do.

Tell that to long-term unemployed citizens whose savings have run out.

Obama counts heavily on the Hispanic vote and uses the political clout of organizations such as La Raza and MALDEF, as well as union pressure, to ram through whatever he wants. The administration meets regularly with such organizations pulling together their plans.

Regardless of the window-dressing the Washington mafia puts on it, the bottom line is that Obama and the mob want to legalize illegal aliens.

Whether called “amnesty” or a “pathway to citizenship,” there’s no difference. It would reward with citizenship people who sneak across our borders, spread into every state, take low-paying jobs undercutting American workers, often getting paid under the table, using fake or stolen Social Security numbers, paying little or no taxes and draining our social welfare, educational, medical, law enforcement, judicial and other services.

Logic? None, except that for Obama and the others, it’s politics as usual.

Bottom line, it’s seen as assuring Democrats a solid block of Hispanic votes in any election on any level – for decades.

If you don’t like the one-party rule we have now, just wait!

But it’s not only Democrats. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., is working with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. – at the behest of the president – to come up with a plan that can be quickly moved through to passage, preferably before the midterm elections!

Their “immigrant blueprint” will involve “pathway” plus a temporary-worker program, some kind of “tamperproof ID card” for citizens – meaning a national ID card for citizens – border surveillance to prevent further illegal entries and whatever other goodies they jam in.

But there’s a basic problem. They can’t even get together on the number of illegals here now. The government says 10 million to 12 million. Border officials, law enforcement and others who’ve monitored the situation for years say the figure is between 30 million and 40 million.

What do you think would happen to local and state budgets if all those people suddenly were “legal” with a blank check to public coffers?

Average Americans already face the impact of illegals on their lives, schools and communities every day.

They pay the taxes that support the welfare programs that support the illegals.

They’re people losing their houses and jobs and can’t replace either while illegals get benefits and work unimpeded.

Facts and figures provided by law enforcement, schools, social-welfare departments, medical facilities and social scientists show that illegal aliens have caused massive social upheaval, escalating law-enforcement problems including rising crime rates, a strain on local, county and state budgets across the country and a not-yet-admitted impact on rising national unemployment.

They are responsible for serious crime involving dangerous gangs dealing drugs and worse. The Los Angeles Times reported that nearly 60 percent of Latino gangs are illegal aliens, and the number of Latino gangs is increasing nationally.

On Friday, 26 members of the violent gang MS-13 were charged with racketeering, murder, attempted murder, kidnapping and robbery in metropolitan Atlanta. Many of those gang members are illegal aliens, and there are MS-13 gangs in almost every state.

Despite the crimes, politically correct politicians forbid “profiling” or residency inquiries of suspects, and “sanctuary cities” protect criminal illegals, leaving honest citizens at their mercy.

The U.S. has provided asylum to millions and welcomed immigrants from across the planet. Unfortunately, our generosity now exceeds common sense and logic.

We’re suffering financially, socially and culturally and society is fraying at the edges while our ostensible leaders dig in their heels and refuse to change their views because of PC politics.

If Barack Obama thinks he had problems with health care, he’s in for a surprise when he latches onto immigration reform.

His March 21 deadline is also the date for anti-reform Americans to inundate the capital switchboard with calls and faxes to elected officials telling them not to push through that legislation. A march on Washington is also possible.

Loyal Americans got their message to Congress in 2007 when amnesty was attempted. As TV news showed angry, demonstrating illegals waving Mexican flags, American citizens got the message: their country was at stake.

The next time illegals march for “their rights,” they’ll wave American flags so citizens won’t think they’re anti-U.S.

It’s just a tactic to fool us.

If people want to become Americans or want to work here, they should follow the law and the rules.

But spitting in our face and expecting to be rewarded is wrong, and any politician who defends that needs to be shown the door – from the president on down.

Remember that on Election Day – every Election Day.

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