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2 battles: 1 solution

Washington has the “Slaughter Solution.” That’s the appropriately named political trick that House Rules Chairwoman Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., came up with to pass government-controlled health care and require us to pay for the “Slaughter Solution” for children in the womb. It would also mandate a “Slaughter Solution” for millions of elderly, disabled and medically dependent Americans who would be denied life-saving treatment under government-controlled health care.

Solution: Stand up to the bullies. Fight like your life depends on it (because it does), and don’t back down! As I wrote about last week, call and fax your representative and every single swing vote in the House – listed on the first alert button at www.f2a.org – before the “Slaughter Solution” kills someone you love.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is bringing their strong-arm Chicago-style politics to our diplomatic relations in Israel. Think it’s all too complex to understand? Here’s what’s happening in the Middle East in a way that even a first-grader could understand: Israel has land. It is theirs. They won wars and got more land. But the Palestinians want it. They want it all. They will keep blowing things up until they get all they want. 

So the U.S. pressures Israel to give up land for “promises of peace.” But the Palestinians have no intention of keeping their “promises of peace.” How do we know this? Because every time Israel gives up land for “promises of peace,” the Palestinians keep bombing them. The Palestinians will keep bombing Israel until the Palestinians get everything they want and Israel no longer exists.

So now, when Israel decided to build houses for its people to live in on their own land while Joe Biden was in town, Biden called it a “breach of trust” and Hillary Clinton referred to it as “insulting.”

Really? As Rabbi Daniel Lapin said on my Faith2Action radio program yesterday, that makes as much sense as California and Arizona being told to stop building houses because Mexico thinks that land ought to belong to them.

If you want to prevent Washington’s “Slaughter Solution,” stand up to the bullies and say no. Tell them, “No matter how hard you push, you cannot have any more control of our lives.” And my advice to Israel? Not so complex. You also must stand up to the bullies. Do not hand over any more land to people to whom it doesn’t belong. And know that while this administration may not stand with you, Americans do – and there are some elections ahead.

While we and our allies in Congress and our friends in Israel stand and fight against the bullies, there is something else you can do. 

I’d like to invite you to join me this Thursday night for a strategic conference call about what may be one of the most important events for our nation this year. The event is “May Day 2010 – A cry to God for a Nation in Distress” held at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, May the first, beginning at sunrise.

If you share our burden for America and recognize our position of distress, please plan to be on this call – and be a part of an event that’s different than a demonstration, more productive than a protest, with more results than any rally.

That’s because we’re not aiming our efforts at the media activists or the Washington elite. On May the first, our eyes will be on … God.

Pro-family leaders across denominational boundaries have joined together for this effort including Dr. James Dobson, American Family Association President Tim Wildmon, Concerned Women for America President Wendy Wright, Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver, NRB President Dr. Frank Wright, three-star Gen. Jerry Boykin, Dutch Sheets, David Barton and many members of Congress who are willing to stand in the gap for our nation.

Sonicflood (who sing such hits as “Open the Eyes of my Heart” and “I Want to Know You”) has written a May Day song that is a national prayer of repentance, and they’ll be just one of the bands leading worship.

Check out www.MayDay2010.org to find out more and join us this Thursday evening, March 18, on the call that will help start it all. It begins at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central, 6 p.m. Mountain and 5 p.m. Pacific.

If you love America like I do, and want to do something more than call Congress and wait for November, join us Thursday night to find out how to put your faith2action! Call (712) 432-0075, with the access code 670042, to join us.

Because it is clear that we are a nation in distress – with government-controlled health care threatening our lives and turning our backs on Israel threatening both Israel and America. It’s time to take action. Take your family on a “missions trip” for America – to the Lincoln Memorial on May 1 to cry out to God for our nation in distress. See you on the call this Thursday night!