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Why Team Obama thrives on creating crises

The Obama administration’s primary mode of governance is literally to create crises where none actually exist. As I have explained
previously, “Big
Lies” transform people and entire societies,
and the most powerful form of “Big Lie,” at least when it
comes to government, is the manufactured crisis.

Before we turn our 10,000-watt spotlight on the outrageous turmoil Obama and company have promoted in America, let’s take a few moments to understand what a manufactured crisis really amounts to.

As I explain in my new book “How Evil Works,” anyone even superficially familiar with the history of the political left has heard references to the strategy of creating crises as a means of transforming society. You’ve probably heard of the “Hegelian dialectic,” a key Marxist technique whereby an idea (“We need more gun-control laws!”) generates its opposite (“No, we don’t need more gun laws, we just need tougher sentencing of criminals!”) which leads to a reconciliation of opposites, or synthesis (“OK, we’ll compromise by passing new gun-control laws, but watering them down somewhat”).

Likewise, maybe you’ve heard of the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” – inspired by leftwing radical organizer Saul Alinsky, whose methods Barack Obama adopted – which openly advocates the creation of crises to destroy capitalist society. This is how socialist progress is achieved “peacefully” – through conflict or crisis – and always in the direction of greater socialism.

The problem is, this “crisis-creation” talk just sounds so crazy, so foreign to us, that it’s hard to believe our fellow human beings, no matter how confused or deluded, could actually engage in such a practice. But it’s not only true, it’s actually a common part of everyday life.

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Consider this nonpolitical example and note how it illustrates the power of a crisis to mold people to the deceiver’s will: in one child-abduction case, a little girl was approached after school by a man she didn’t know. He claimed her house was burning down, that her parents were busy putting out the fire, and that he was a friend of the parents who had asked him to pick up their daughter and take her to them. The crisis – and the emotional upset the girl experienced over the thought of her house being on fire and her parents in danger – drowned out her normal caution about getting into a car with a stranger. You guessed it: the stranger was a predator who had concocted the lie for the sole purpose of upsetting and thereby tricking the girl into going with him so he could brutalize and murder her. (This “classic” child-predator technique was recounted in the film “Changeling” starring Angelina Jolie, a true story in which the serial child murderer enticed youngsters into his car using this exact “your-house-is-on-fire” ruse.)

Tragic as this scenario is, it makes an important point: a crisis throws us off our guard, upsets us and inclines us to make decisions and accept “solutions” we normally would reject.

Politically, the strategy is to create a crisis, or exploit a real one, by throwing people into a mode where they can be redirected toward a predetermined “solution” – whether it’s imposing “carbon penalties” on businesses in response to fears of global warming or draconian gun-control laws in response to a rash of school shootings. We’re talking about solutions that people would normally reject, but now in a crisis accept, and as a result establish a new baseline of what is normal – which becomes the starting point for pushing the nation still further leftward in response to the next “crisis.”

Before we get into the current, specific crop of manufactured crises Team Obama is using to transform America, let’s survey a few old chestnuts, just to demonstrate how ubiquitous fake crises are. They’re everywhere around us:

We could go on and on – fake crises are everywhere. As I said, crisis is the central operating principle of the Obama presidency, which is always telling us, in effect, “your house is on fire, so come with me.” Everything is a crisis, an emergency, and has to be fixed right now – all for the purpose of vastly increasing government power and control over citizens’ wealth, behavior, their very lives.

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