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Is it too late to save U.S. from God's wrath?

Lincoln Memorial

While the nation is riddled with soaring debt, government expansion, abortion, declining morality and a raging culture war, Christian and Jewish leaders are urging Americans to stop shaking their fists at their television sets and come seek the real solution to today’s moral crisis by calling out to God from the nation’s capital.

May Day: a Cry to God for Our Nation in Distress” will take place May 1 from sunrise to 2 p.m. at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

They will all gather for one purpose: repentance.

The group will repent for how the nation has turned from God in every area of influence: 1) business, 2) government, 3) media, 4) arts and entertainment, 5) education, 6) the family and 7) religion.

“We’re headed for a cliff,” explained WND columnist and Faith2Action President Janet Porter, a coordinator of May Day. “Short of calling Congress and waiting for November, this is what to do: Fast and pray for our country in distress. On May Day, the national distress call, we won’t be aiming our message at the Washington elite nor at media activists. It’s aimed at God.”

Porter called on Christians to take part in a 40-day fast prior to the event. She said participants will give up something important to them in the days leading up to May Day.

“We just want God to know we’re serious about standing in the gap for America,” she said. “We are calling the remnant to come and repent. It’s a twofold plan not only to pray but to proclaim what our founders believed – that we are one nation under God.”

Vision America President Dr. Rick Scarborough added, “We need to let God know we’re serious about turning back to Him and fasting from something – whether it’s television, dessert or food – will provide the breakthrough we desperately need as a nation.”

Porter said 50 delegates – one person from each state – will come and proclaim what their state constitutions have to say about God.

“All of them, in some form, acknowledge God,” she said.

In her recent column, Porter explained that the May Day event will be different than a demonstration, be more productive than a protest and see more results than any rally.

“That’s because we’re not aiming our efforts at the media activists or the Washington elite,” she wrote. “On May 1, our eyes will be on … God.”

Pro-family leaders across denominational boundaries have joined together for the effort including Dr. James Dobson, American Family Association President Tim Wildmon, Concerned Women for America President Wendy Wright, Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver, NRB President Dr. Frank Wright, Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, Dutch Sheets, David Barton and many members of Congress.

“May Day: a Cry to God for Our Nation in Distress” will take place May 1 from sunrise to 2 p.m. at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Sonicflood, a Christian group that sings hits such as “Open the Eyes of my Heart” and “I Want to Know You,” has written a May Day song for the event.

Sonicflood lead singer Rick Heil told WND the new song, “May Day,” was written after Porter approached him at the Take Back America Conference in St. Louis and shared plans for May Day.

“She approached me to capture the vision and write a song about this,” he said. “She and her husband came over to the studio, so we sat down together and wrote this song. It was written to get as many people aware of May Day as possible.”

The song is set for release this weekend. Heil is scheduled to lead praise and worship from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. at the May Day rally.

Porter said Cynthia Dunbar, a lawyer who serves on the Texas State Board of Education, will attend and ask God for forgiveness for how the nation has removed Him from American schools.

“She is going to come to May Day and repent for how we have taught our children lies, not only in revisionist history but also evolution, how we’ve kicked God out of school,” Porter said. “She will repent on behalf of the education system, and she’s also going to welcome God back in.”

Pastor Paul Blair, coordinating pastor for May Day, told WND, “The whole idea of May Day is to be an opportunity for Christians in America to truly repent and cry out to the Lord for mercy and a stirring of the hearts of Americans again.”

He encouraged “patriot pastors” and churches to gather groups of believers and head to Washington for May Day.

“Lord willing, we need pastors to lead their congregations and come gather together for this great day of prayer in our nation’s capitol,” he said. “We’re hoping that this could be perhaps the start of another Great Awakening to save our nation.”

In an open invitation to America to attend May Day, Dr. James Dobson proclaimed, “Our nation faces what is perhaps the most serious moral crisis since the civil war as we’ve turned our backs on God and have clearly displeased him. May Day 2010 is a time to come together and proclaim what God has done in the past, to pray for forgiveness and to plead for God’s mercy on all of us.”

Dobson said the May Day committee is asking thousands of pastors and churches to get involved in the highly anticipated event. He urged them to call (405)796-PRAY or (405)796-7729. Churches may register for May Day at MayDay2010.org.

A Facebook page has been created to help spread the word, and GOD TV will provide live coverage of the event.