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Inside Obama's manufactured crises

The creation of crises, as I have explained previously, is Barack Obama’s primary mode of governance. Why? Simply because center-right America naturally doesn’t want to go where far-left Obama wants to lead, so to force the issue he must create crises. He must.

Why? Understand that the kind of government Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid want, namely statism or socialism, is perpetual crisis. Repeat: Leftists’ idea of utopia – socialist, cradle-to-grave security for everyone – is by definition a state of crisis. Whenever adult human beings cannot take care of themselves and their families, but become so dysfunctional and helpless that they voluntarily become wards of a mommy government, those people are living in a state of crisis – the very environment in which socialists thrive. Get it? Socialism, Marxism, progressivism, “spread-the-wealth-around–ism” – call it what you will – can grow only in a nutrient base of chaos, discontent and dysfunction.

After all, the only societal noncrisis condition leftists know is an imaginary state of radical equality that has never existed and never can, because it so flagrantly violates the laws of human nature, economics, morality and genuine liberty.

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In the 14 months since Obama’s inauguration, we all have been treated to an unending stream of fake “crises,” on which our parasitical leaders have gorged themselves. Quick review:

Crises keep us off balance, so the crisis-creators can grow in power and implement their wealth-and-liberty-stealing agendas while we’re distracted, confused and upset. Agendas like socialized medicine.

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