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Obama's overthrow of the Constitution

So it begins. In 2009, for the first time in its history, the people of the United States placed the White House in the hands of a man and a political faction that openly reject the premises of constitutional self-government. Obama made a show of taking the oath of office twice. Had he taken it a thousand times, it would never have been anything but a cynical deception. As thoroughly indoctrinated disciples of Marxist historicism, Obama and his fellow travelers could never see the Constitution as anything but a façade for capitalist domination. Inevitably, it must be swept aside as the lead wave of history’s triumphant vanguard dissolves the chains of capitalist imperialism to usher in the historic dictatorship that will make and enforce the only law that matters, the so-called “judgment” of history.

I pity those who now react with shock and dismay to the events unfolding in the U.S. Congress that make clear to all the Obama faction’s relentless commitment to overthrowing the U.S. Constitution. To be sure, other elements of the American elite have seen the Constitution as nothing more than a Machiavellian ploy to mollify and delude people so that they can be more peaceably exploited. But even the Machiavellians are taken aback by the brutal and unsophisticated frankness with which the Obama faction has now avowed its intention to eviscerate the scheme of representation that is the conceptual heart of the constitutional republic. The ruling families of the ancient Roman Senate thought to use the first Caesars the way they were accustomed to use ambitious men before them – as the serviceable hounds of their class ambition. Like them, the Machiavellian princelings of our day begin to feel the bite of truth: Their “hounds” are wolves and they themselves the prey.

This realization may or may not bode well for the defense of the republic. While some of these elites will feel impelled to make a stand against the threat (as some of Rome’s senatorial families did), others are doubtless scheming (like the Scottish nobles in Braveheart’s day) to make sure that when the dust settles they are firmly seated at the head table of the new order. Do any of them really care for the fate of the constitutional regime that recognized and made provision for the sovereignty of the people?

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The generation that framed the original Constitution of the United States was remarkable for the fact that in the 13 original colonies key elements of the elite were sincerely convinced of the justice of representative government. It is this fact perhaps more than any other that suggests and verifies the contribution of God’s Providence to the successful birth of the American republic. For without leadership the people cannot act effectively, however moved by passionate care for justice and their natural liberty. Yet unless raised somehow above the mass, what leaders can provide a rallying point for action? Once they begin to rise, however, the temptations and dangers of their developing elite status make them susceptible to the bribes, threats and blandishments intended to subvert their allegiance to the people. The very circumstance that would allow them to rally the people exposes them to forces that test their will to do so. Sadly, all too many cannot withstand the test.

It is precisely in times of real crisis, when the stakes are highest, that the most resources will be deployed to corrupt the leaders and potential leaders of the people. Whom can they trust? Only the true believer, whose service to the cause of private rights and public liberty is not a matter of selfish calculation, but proven conviction. Yet in their preparations for the overthrow of the people’s constitutional rights, these are precisely the ones the elite opponents of representative self-government do their utmost to discredit and destroy.

At the time of the founding, God blessed America with some remarkable leaders, who combined outstanding fame, wealth and learning with a deep commitment to the principles on which to build enduring liberty. The Christian moral culture predominant at the time helped to foster an unusual integrity of political thought and conscience. It produced leaders who respected reason and truth enough to hold fast to convictions based upon them, despite the temptations of successful power and ambition. But the moral culture of our day has dispensed with the worship of anything else. The twin dogmas of historicism and moral relativism simply mask the deeply immoral reality of these idols of human willfulness. They provide a superficial veneer of intellectualism to the frank reassertion of raw elite prerogative, conveniently justifying the conclusion that truth and reason can be nothing more than the dictates of whoever manages to be the last one standing.

Unless they are content to return to the historic role of the masses, as the grass trampled or set afire as self-serving elites battle for power, the American people urgently need to recognize these dogmas as poisons deadly to the understanding and courage liberty requires. They must look past the phony rhetoric of “issues” (a word that shrewdly masks a preoccupation with outcomes rather than principles) to find those who reject these ultimately elitist deceptions in order to stand firmly upon the ground of God’s creation, which is also the only solid ground for constitutional liberty.

The decisive stage of this generation’s battle to preserve America’s liberty has begun. Its adversaries, though fanatically determined, are far from sure of victory. But as they now use “issues” like health care to strike at the heart of constitutional government, let us pray that God will once again bless America with leaders who are true believers – who will not only fight these issues, but for an outcome that respects the Constitution framed to implement the people’s God-given right to govern themselves. (I further explore this point in several posts being featured now at Loyaltoliberty.com.)