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Don't tread on me, Census Bureau

The New World Order includes the Obama Census Bureau with its many community organizers who twist arms and violate constitutional rights in a desire to acquire information – for our benefit, of course.

I was one of the honored few to receive a package from the American Community Survey that requested very detailed information about my life. The letter was addressed to the “Resident” at my address. Since that is not my legal name, I tossed the package in to the garbage.

A few weeks later, another request to “Resident” arrived, which asked me to fill the form out. The letter and its contents found its way to the trash bin.

Shortly afterwards, the phone calls began. Initially there were cordial request, which were then followed by a “grandmotherly” type woman who gently described how necessary the information was for the government. They wanted to know what time we left for work and what route we used. She explained that if there were an emergency, the rescue workers would need to know where we were and how we got there. We told her it was none of her business.

When these approaches failed to impress, a government worker came to my door. I told him that I would tell him the number of people in my home, their sex and their age, but I would tell him nothing more. He threatened to have me taken to federal court. He cited several U.S. Codes. I explained to him the legal parameters that were set by the U.S. Constitution that trumped the codes he mentioned. Then I asked him to leave my property.

When the census worker merely retreated to his car across the street and sat there, I immediately called the local police and had him escorted out of my neighborhood.

A few days later we received a call from the same gentleman who explained his supervisor and he had decided they could do a “Jane Doe” interview with me. All they needed were the names of the residents, the ages and our sex listing.

While the president and his minions think they can trample the U.S. Constitution and assume powers given to Congress, we need to use the constitutional law as our shield from a growing abusive power known as the Obamanation. If I’m going to be counted, I want to be known as one of the defenders of freedom, not a pawn of oppression. Power is derived from the people unless we submit to tyranny. Like my ancestors, I say, “Don’t tread on me.”

Jeff Rayno