According to recent news stories, the Obama administration has big plans for big amnesties and the rapid assimilation of great numbers of illegal aliens.

Have you despaired of hearing any new argument against America being so careless and cavalier with our borders? I think I have one.

Studies have shown that cows can be trained not to eat poisonous weeds in a pasture. However, if new cows enter that pasture that are not trained, both the new and the old cows will go ahead and eat the poisonous weeds. There’s a military corollary to that. Military science teaches that 25 troops who are highly motivated can defend a position against attack better than a hundred troops, 75 of whom are not motivated.

This is not your vanilla rant against illegal intruders taking jobs, committing crimes, conniving to vote, evading taxes, endangering road safety, flooding our schools and emergency wards and, owing to poverty and poor education, lowering standards and quality of life. I’m not mounting a defense on any of those charges or possibly others. It’s just that this new argument sweeps way beyond illegal aliens to implicate too many native-born Americans.

The problem is that far too many people within these borders are eating the poisonous weeds.

Let ’em know where you stand about the principles of this nation with magnetic message: “America was Founded by Right-wing Extremists”

Earlier in my lifetime, everybody, even the freshly arrived foreigners, were “Americans.” They knew and understood what makes America special among nations; a volcano of political virtue in a forest of Ronson lighters. The foreigners, in fact, may have been better Americans than we natives. America either saved their lives or gave them the chance for a better life. My four Russian-Jewish grandparents were ground-kissingly grateful immigrants from their first American breath to their last. They didn’t even teach their children – my parents – their own native language, Yiddish. Yiddish was there and Yiddish was then. America and English were here and were now. If there’s a fire, the one possession I intend to grab on my hasty way out is a recorded interview with my Grandpa Marcus in 1963 telling of murder, corruption, constant fear and the need to bribe for the smallest government favor in Russia. Grandpa punctuated his recollections by saying repeatedly, “God bless America. There’s no other country like America!”

To belong, foreigners had to take a citizenship test. We natives had a free pass. But the point is, we never used that free pass. Jumping back to the present, Newt Gingrich tells of visiting a classroom in a minority neighborhood where the teacher proudly called upon a young child to recite from the Declaration of Independence. Newt heard the child say, “We are endowed by our Creator with certain rights…” Afterwards he asked the teacher, “What happened to the word ‘unalienable’ before ‘rights’?” “Forget about it,” replied the teacher. “These kids will never learn anything like ‘unalienable’!”

In the fifth grade of public school, in the deep South, we had to memorize the preamble to the U. S. Constitution; you know, “We the people …” And it had words like “posterity.” And it wasn’t just rote exercise. They called it civics, and it was jack-hammered into our little heads intensively. Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, checks-and-balances, Bill of Rights. We knew; we knew.

We let all that go. Look around at our “new” people in America, foreign and domestic. I don’t demand you learn telepathy. Can’t you tell from facial expressions that the brain behind a particular face never heard the name “Thomas Jefferson” and isn’t interested in starting now? America is a “good deal” to our “untrained cows.” And that’s enough. Don’t try bothering them with any more. I don’t hate. I don’t point the bony finger of indignation. I lament. I lament what’s happened to this American population that once knew by trained instinct not to eat poisonous weeds, like tyranny of any kind, hatred of the wealthy, free-lunch-ism, conquest, rape and plunder. Though we feasted shamefully overlong on the poisonous weed of legalized racism, we quite proudly ripped it out of our diet without the help of enemy occupiers or peacekeepers in blue helmets.

This new crowd isn’t evil. It’s untrained. Ignorance is the sperm of apathy. If you don’t know, you can’t care.

I wouldn’t call a Norwegian a racist if he preferred the “face ” of Norway to be white and blue-eyed, and I wouldn’t fault an Indonesian for wanting his national face to look oriental. But, I wouldn’t care if a future America were to be 100-percent black, Hispanic, Asian, name it, so long as the blacks were not like the leaders of the African slaughter-states and the Hispanics were not like Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez and the Asians were not like the Chinese Communists or the Burmese junta. If their concept of, knowledge of and insistence upon Americanism were what I grew up under, I’d bless them in their stewardship of that magnificence.

Meanwhile, can anybody propose a way to get our Harvard-educated president as aware of and as proud of our American exceptionalism as my Grandpa Marcus, who only graduated Hebrew school near Minsk?

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