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The 100-year war … against America

Tonight, after nearly 100 years of talk and frustration…

– President Barack Obama, March 21, 2010

So, America, have you deduced that the current occupant of the White House, his underlings and congressional leaders are manifestly evil – or are you going to wait until they’re gunning us down in the streets?

On March 22, WND reprinted remarks made by President Barack Obama on March 21, after the House passed the much-contested health-care reform bill.

Many of you (those over 35) recall hearing Soviet leaders deliver speeches just like Obama’s. Do you remember chuckling sardonically, knowing their words were lies and that their people were essentially nothing but slave labor, toiling to maintain a cyclopean, hideously ineffective mega-bureaucracy and a pitiless, criminal privileged class?

Have you asked yourself why Congress found passage of the health-care reform bill such an imperative, even in the face of public mobilization against it that we haven’t seen since the Civil Rights Movement?

Have you considered the president’s reference to “100 years of talk and frustration”? Just who was talking and frustrated during all of that time, and what occurred ten decades ago? Well, it was around 100 years ago that progressivism first infected the worldview of American politicians and that communism took hold in Russia.

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Is this scenario difficult for you to grasp because you can’t identify with why anyone would crave the degree of power those in our government covet? Is the same reason any tyrant would crave that degree of power not good enough an answer for you?

In case you’re just tuning in: About 100 years ago, certain politicians decided that an America ruled, rather than governed, by an elite political class (versus the system of a representative republic then in place) looked rather attractive. They had been philosophically corrupted, of course; it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that such individuals would be at the top of this class. The type of people who were beginning to gravitate toward political office (who otherwise had little to offer society) were enticed by this system in which guile and avarice was substituted for meaningful, constructive contribution. Those who had already become successful, believing their worldly station to be inviolate, were intrigued by the notion that they might rule on a parallel track with this new elite.

The politicians seeking this change – called progressives – began to propagandize those who were on the lower socioeconomic end of society, fostering a belief that they might have all they wanted if only the politicians were given enough power to redistribute others’ wealth to them. Contemporaneously, they began to impede economic progress in order to disenfranchise an increasing number of Americans, thereby expanding the dissatisfied, disaffected class and creating more people who would be susceptible to their empty promises.

They encouraged their brand of hedonistic “freedom,” titillated with the prospect of having it all and doing whatever we pleased. Many Americans took the bait. Now, we’re weak, broke and people are selling their children for crack. Yet, progressives offer even more interventionist government expansionism as a fix – indeed, as a fix for every societal ill.

So, here we are …

When clear-thinking Americans viewed video of Taliban guerrillas shoving women to the ground and pumping large-caliber rifle bullets through their skulls (the sort of thing to which we were treated back in 2001-03), it was easy to make the discernment: evil. We had the same reaction when we watched Afghan women being interviewed after they, and every female member of their households, had been gang-raped by Taliban “holy men.”

The qualifier, by the way, was “clear-thinking Americans”; the dedicated liberal will be getting uncomfortable right about now at the idea of rendering a moral judgment upon those who rape entire households of women.

How far across the line do our elected officials have to traverse before we come to the conclusion we’ve come to as regards history’s infamous tyrannical oppressors – that they are of low character, possess malign intent, and that is why they crave this degree of power? Will we have to see Americans executed in stadiums by former ACORN workers before we believe? Will we allow ourselves to be shepherded into a position where we are truly powerless to stop those who will do because they can?

I don’t know how many Americans are really so dim – as opposed to advocating this abomination – that they haven’t a hint yet that abject tyranny is halfway through the door. But I, like others, believe that if enough people in their right minds become engaged, we still may be able to stem the tide until we can dispose of the Democratic majority in Congress and Barack Hussein Obama. We will have to be equally vigilant, however, that we replace them with nationalistic, conservative Americans, rather than smiling RINO whores; people who know who our enemies are and who won’t play nice with those enemies.

While we are doing that, for the next hundred years – at least – we must vigorously and relentlessly beat the drum of progressivism being as great an evil as any historical atrocity.