Thank you for your independence and fairness.

Thank you for standing up to and speaking out against corruption.

Thank you for showing us how to stand up for truth and how a little ridicule cannot really harm us at all.

Our common struggle is not about party or politics, nor is it about socialism or democracy. It is about power and corruption.

Why this is not about Democrats vs. Republicans

Republicans tend to see our current decline in terms of “creeping socialism.” Similarly, Democrats tend to (correctly) identify our decline in terms of “corporatism” or “fascism.” Both sides are right. How can this be? It’s easier to see if we reframe the debate.

In socialism, a small number of individuals have total control over the distribution of wealth.  Criminals target the bureaucrats with bribes, threats and extortion to direct the wealth into their own coffers.

When our federal legislators or bureaucrats have control over great wealth, criminals still use bribery and extortion.  The only difference is the “face” they present to the public.  In socialist systems, they can remain faceless. In our republic, they must be seen in public, so they wear the mask of a foundations, businesses or charitable entities.

Why this is not about socialism vs. democracy

Our founders regarded both socialism and democracy as inherently tyrannical systems,  destined to end in political and economic slavery. They formed a new style of government in our Constitution. Our government balances power between member states and the citizens.  Only the citizens can raise taxes and spend money. Member states must approve of any taxation or spending before those proposals can become law. In our system, the wishes of the majority cannot be used to deprive any citizen of his right to life, liberty and property.

The real problem is the concentration of power

Put simply, our current problem is the concentration of power. Power is money, and money is power. An overly powerful federal government is too easily corrupted.  Our current situation is all the proof we should require.

Our founders understood this problem and gave us a clear solution in the Constitution. Our Constitution severely limits the powers of the federal government.  They wanted to prevent the accumulation of great power in a government far removed from the people’s ability to control it.

Fred Bunn

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