I keep thinking – or perhaps I should say, hoping – that it’s all a bad dream and soon I’ll wake up and things will be back to the usual “normal.”

Then again, reality sets in and I realize two things.

First, what’s happening in and to my country isn’t a bad dream and I’m not sleeping.

Second, I doubt the usual “normal” will be back any time soon. There are those who are more morose/pessimistic about it and say the American experiment is over.

I’m not sure I would go that far – yet – but we’re on thin ice.

I do believe that to get this country back on course and in line with the Constitution, it will take time and a massive, focused effort to get our freedoms back.

Pretend it’s a battle for freedom.

No, don’t pretend, because that is exactly what it is.

With the election of Barack Obama and his gang of political henchmen in the White House, aided and abetted by the likes of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and their acolytes in Congress, it is difficult, if not impossible at this point, for anyone who disagrees with their socialist/Marxist philosophy to even have their voices heard.

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They are convinced they know what’s best for everyone and they have the mandate to get it done, regardless of any opposition.

The spectacle on C-Span of the laughably labeled “debate” on health care could have been mistaken for a Monte Python skit except for two things.

It wasn’t funny, and those people were playing for keeps.

It was deadly serious and a perfect example of what one-party, despotic rule is like. And that’s just the beginning.

Obama relishes his growing power and believes it’s his mission to keep barreling ahead with all those “changes” he alluded to during the presidential campaign.

He never really got specific. Obama used the “hope and change” mantra to delude the American people into thinking that only good things would come from his election to power. The main change Democrats wanted was for Bush and his administration to be gone. They believed that anything after that would be good and OK.

The blame for all complaints about the country and the state of politics was placed squarely on the shoulders of George W. Bush. Campaign rhetoric emphasized that if George were out of the political picture, all good would flow to everyone. Obama supporters read into the words whatever they wanted, leaving Obama with a wide open door to do whatever he wants. He is doing just that.

His policies are extreme left and rooted in his Marxist beliefs. The change he is instigating will literally change the face of this country. The massive takeover of the private sector in so many areas of commerce and life is just beginning.

The passage – if you can call it that – of the health plan will make us all dependent on the federal government and its bureaucratic appointed (and powerful) lackeys.

Interesting, isn’t it, that the very liberals who scream and demonstrate for the “right to choose” have foisted on the entire country a law that takes away our right to choose when it comes to our basic medical care – our ultimate choice of lifestyle, residence, food choices, style of living, the doctor or dentist we prefer, the care we need and want, the kind of treatment, and ultimately the way we will spend our latter years and how we will live out our lives and die.

Those choices are gone under the Obama medical plan.

And they’ve only just gotten started.

Attached to the bill was legislation ending outside federal aid for education and placing the entire loan-financing of education for students into the hands of the feds.

On the surface, it just sounds so nice and comfy – protecting the kids from exploitation by avaricious moneylenders with high interest rates and their expectations of being repaid. What a concept that is!

Obama took care of that; built in the legislation is wording to ultimately forgive the debt.

What’s not to like?

But consider this. If the feds are granting the money, how much control will they have over the student’s choice of college? Will they grant loans to students to attend a religious schools? What about a school that doesn’t have homosexual clubs or feminist courses? What if they have conservative faculty or clubs on campus? What happens if they have professors who disagree with the environmentalist or animal-rights mantra?

What kind of federal influence would there be on the students’ choice of a major? What happens if the feds decide we need more physician assistants instead of doctors? Suppose the student wants to be a nuclear physicist and the feds don’t think the country needs more of them? How much influence will the loan availability have on what the student will be allowed to study? They did that in the Soviet Union – the state decided on careers for their people. The same result can ensue if the government here controls the availability of money to pay for college.

It’s a dangerous path we’re on in this United States of America.

Bye bye, Uncle Sam. Hello, Uncle Barack.

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