Celebrating Passover? Instead of saying, “Next year in Jerusalem,” Obama would like you to conclude your Passover celebration from now on with the words: “Next year in only the western part of Jerusalem and only with the Obama administration’s permission.”

We’re not yet sure whether that government mandate is in Obama’s health-care takeover or not; I’ll let you know.

Americans are outraged with the inexcusable treatment of Prime Minister Netanyahu from a man who hugs dictators and smiles for photo-ops with enemies of freedom around the world. And that’s why we at Faith2Action are doing something about it – we are sending a message of encouragement and support that Prime Minister Netanyahu cannot miss: hundreds of dozens of yellow roses – the symbol of friendship!

As I write this, I’m watching the rose counter rise as the orders – per dozen – are placed. Click the “Israel Friendship Project” link from www.f2a.org to see it. As of this writing, the counter reveals more than 541 dozen yellow roses – that’s more than 6,492 roses (and counting) that will soon be delivered to the prime minister’s office. Attached to each dozen will be a message from the individual sender with the words: “Be encouraged, Americans stand with you,” along with Psalm 147:2: “The Lord builds up Jerusalem.”

What to do with so many roses? When they fill up the prime minister’s office with dozens of encouraging friendship flowers on every desk and in every cubicle, they can fill up the Israel government buildings from the floor to the ceiling! Then, the goodwill and sweet aroma of friendship can spill over to the members of Israel’s parliament – with yellow bouquets filling the Knesset. Soon all of Israel will know that they are not alone – they have a beautiful friendship with people in the United States who will still be here long after this administration has come and gone in two years (and counting).

After that? Nursing homes and hospitals can also be blessed with the friendship from Israel supporters in the United States! Order your flowers for a donation amount with a significant meaning: $19.48 – the year that land was once again given to Israel! That’s a hundred dollar savings from ordering them from the states!

If you believe the Obama spin that the prime minister was treated “just fine” during his recent visit to the White House, just imagine that you’ve been invited to the home of one of your best friends. But because he didn’t like the fact that you were building an addition to your own home and redecorating your living room, he leaves you in a separate room while he goes into the dining room to eat dinner without you – chastising you like a punished child who must stay in his room without dinner. But you’re informed, when your so-called friend is done eating without you, you’re free to let him know if you’ve caved into his outrageous demands concerning your home expansion and decor choice. Is that how you’d treat anyone you’d invite to your home? That’s what Barack Obama did.

I never heard whether Prime Minister Netanyahu was at least offered table scraps from Obama’s table. No, those, I’m sure, went to the dog, who was treated far better than the leader of Israel.

Or, if you were invited to a planned dinner by your very best friend in the Middle East, would you: a) show up early with a gift for your host; b) show up promptly with gratitude for the gracious invitation; or c) show up an hour and a half late insulting your host to the press all along the way. If you chose “c,” your name is probably Joe Biden.

But, what was Israel’s offense that had Secretary of State Hillary Clinton marching in lock step against Israel? Were they funding terrorists? Did they announce plans for jihad against America? Did they refer to us as “the Great Satan”? No, the “crime” of Israel is they wanted to build homes in the capital of their own nation in which their citizens could live. Building houses for your people to live in? No wonder everyone was so mean to him.

I had my good friend Rabbi Aryeh Spero on my Faith2Action radio program yesterday. He’ll be leading a prayer on May Day with Christians across the nation at the Lincoln Memorial May 1 – where we’ll be repenting for our nation’s sins, including how despicably we have treated Israel. The rabbi pointed out that Barack Obama has demanded that Jerusalem be “JudenRein,” or free of Jews, as was ordered by Germany in the 1930s and is the case in many Muslim countries. And while many Arabs live in Jewish Israel, Obama joins Muslims who demand that Israel’s land – which is not theirs – also be “free from all Jews.” Rabbi Spero’s question: “How racist is that?” Answer: very.

It’s time for Americans to stand up and show their support for Israel. Order your roses for a post-Passover delivery. And, as those celebrating Passover in Israel say, “Next year in rebuilt Jerusalem,” pray that Israel continues toward that goal without anyone telling them what they can or cannot do in their own country.

Let’s send thousands of dozens! Not only will we remind the prime minister and all of Israel of our friendship and support, but perhaps then Barack Obama will wake up and smell the roses – Americans stand with Israel!

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