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It’s been touted as the hot new “third party” of American politics. It’s been demonized as a dangerous mob of extremists and racists. What it truly is, however, is nothing more nor less than the great awakening of the sleeping giant called Middle America.

“It,” of course, is the tea party movement, focus of April’s groundbreaking and inspiring issue of Whistleblower magazine, titled “THE GREAT AWAKENING: How tea partiers are setting a new course for America.”

Jolted awake by what can accurately be described as an aggressive socialist coup d’etat in Washington, D.C., millions of regular hard-working, tax-paying Americans are not only fully awake, but outraged at what they see as the unprecedented arrogance, corruption and deceit of the Obama administration and Congress.

Watching as their liberties are legislated out of existence, the grandchildren burdened with unpayable debt, and their nation “fundamentally transformed” into a European-style socialist welfare state is not something most Americans are willing to tolerate – especially since millions of them fought and bled, and many died, to halt the spread of the very same toxic ideology in distant lands.

And so they protest. And they march. And they confront their congressmen at town hall meetings. But that’s just the beginning.

In “THE GREAT AWAKENING,” Whistleblower delves into the tea party movement, where it’s headed, the obstacles it will encounter, and why it represents the best hope of defeating Team Obama’s relentless socialist revolution. It includes the advice of luminaries, from former Alaska governor Sarah Palin to former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, and features many powerful and inspiring articles and photos, including special features written exclusively for this issue of Whistleblower by Rep. Michelle Bachmann and Chuck Norris.

Issue highlights include:

“Americans may have just one final chance to uproot the profoundly un-American Obama agenda before it puts deep roots permanently into America,” said WND Managing Editor David Kupelian. “This issue of Whistleblower is for those who want to be part of that fight.”

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