“Mrs. Obama, I’m Oskar Steinhaven, your next-door neighbor. We met once, when you and your husband were looking at this property, before you bought it. Remember? I told you my family and I were planning to buy this place. But somehow, you and Mr. Rezko made a deal for you to buy it, for less than I had already offered.

“You see, my family has lived in this area for over 80 years. We used to own all the land here, but our grandfather had to sell most of it in the Great Depression, keeping only our home next door. But our family has always felt this is still our land, and we’ve always intended to reclaim it. We were quite upset when you bought it and moved in, and then added another parcel to it. We tried to reason with Mr. Rezko, but he didn’t listen or care about our heritage, our history on this very land.

“But then your husband was elected president, and whenever you come here, the place is swarming with Secret Service and other police; thousands of people drive by and gawk. We’ve had to just put up with it. In our neighborhood.

“And now, worst of all, you’re planning to build other structures in the backyard – housing for security, a bomb shelter, huge satellite dishes, maybe even a guest house … who knows what else?

“We feel this is still our property, and we intend to have it again. You don’t need it, and you keep adding things we don’t want. We’re seeking an injunction to prevent these additions.

“And one more thing. This is not a threat, just an observation. Our uncle Hermann was accused of running a Nazi camp; he told us it was a rest home for the elderly, the infirm, the undesirable. And we believe him. Yes, almost all of the people in his camp were Jews – but your husband gives us the impression he doesn’t care much for those people or their precious Israel, so maybe we have that in common. But regardless, I’m just saying that, just as you found a way to buy this property, for less than its market value, we will find a way to reclaim it. It’s ours, and we want it back.

The preceding is fiction, of course. But if it were true, how long do you think it would take President Obama to have this man dealt with, perhaps never to be heard from again? Do you think he or his wife would accept the man’s claim, apologize, or stop their additions and maybe just deed the property over to him? No?

Well … that’s what Mr. Obama seems determined to force on Israel.

Differing from virtually every previous U.S. president, Mr. Obama seems to accept the claims of the Palestinian leadership, even the violent Hamas and Hezbollah, that the land given by God and settled by Israelites 4,000 years ago now rightfully belongs, at least in large part, to random settlers who moved into the area only in the last 200 years. And though the Balfour Declaration and the United Nations – and most civilized society the world over – have acknowledged and verified Israel’s claim to their historic homeland, this president is doing everything he can to pressure Israel’s leaders to cave in to the demands of the Muslim settlers.

This man spent his childhood in Indonesia and lived as a Muslim. Right through his teens and his three college experiences, as he recounted in his autobiography, he sought out the companionship and mentoring of dissidents and even Marxist teachers. As he began his ascent in politics and “community organizing,” he joined a liberal church whose angry leader, Jeremiah Wright, is still pastor emeritus. Obama says he became a Christian there, but he apparently never read the biblical history of the Jews and God’s eternal commitment to them of the tiny land that includes Jerusalem, the Holy City He calls Mount Zion. And he seems unaware of God’s declaration to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: “I will bless those that bless you – and I will curse those who curse you.”

Just a few days ago – after months of directing Secretary of State Clinton to put the screws to Israel’s leadership, and pointedly and publicly favoring Palestinian demands over the rights of Israel to make its own decisions – Obama humiliated Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in the White House. As the London Times headlined it, “Barack Obama ‘Dumped Him For Dinner.'”

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The able and much respected Netanyahu and his aides had flown to Washington to bolster the Israel/American accord and to explain in person why new dwellings have been planned in Jerusalem, Israel’s ancient capital. Obama and his aides have been all but ordering Israel to stop all building (on their own land) that offends the Palestinian leadership. This, the same Palestinian leadership that continues to rain rockets and missiles and other forms of terror on the Israelis. When the meeting seemed be going nowhere, the president walked out to have dinner with his wife – leaving the startled prime minister and his aides and saying, “Let me know if there’s anything new.” And he never came back.

In 1948, President Harry Truman was also in the middle of a historic conflict over the Jews and their claim to their ancient homeland. His advisers were all urging him to ignore that claim and side with the much larger Arab contingents who were denying that claim and threatening to “drive them into the sea.” Politically, the Arab side was the expedient one.

But Truman knew his Bible, and he was agonizing over the decision. On March 13, his old friend and former haberdashery partner Eddy Jacobson flew in to Washington from Kansas City. The two old friends spent an hour behind closed doors in the Oval Office, during which time Eddy reminded Harry of what they both knew of God’s promises to the Jews. And when the doors opened, President Truman had decided the United States would be the first nation to grant diplomatic recognition to the new state of Israel on May 14, 1948. And long after he left the White House, Harry Truman declared that decision was the most important of his presidency.

I want America to be blessed, don’t you? Israel deserves the eternal right over her own historic homeland, every bit as much as the Obamas deserve the privilege of doing what they want in their own backyard.

While there’s still time, God grant us another Harry Truman in the White House.

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