Now that Barack Obama has twice personally addressed the national controversy over his eligibility for the office he has assumed, legitimately or illegitimately, I think it’s time to raise the stakes and increase the pressure for answers.

As I’ve said for a long time, I do not believe any judge in America, no matter the evidence or lack thereof, is going to rule Obama ineligible for office. We need to understand that justice in America is, like it or not, a matter of politics and power. Unless and until the movement to demand the truth about Obama’s origins and natural-born citizenship status becomes so popular it can no longer be ignored or ridiculed, no judge will dare allow an impartial hearing on the evidence.

That is indeed unfortunate for those in the military who are being told even they do not have standing to adjudicate whether their commander in chief is fit for office. Nevertheless, it is a political reality.

That means we have much work to do to persuade Americans the issue is real and important.

That’s why, for my part, I have made it something of a personal crusade to:

But I’m just getting started.

And I hope you will see this through with me – despite the scoffing of the Big Media, despite the heckling from the elitists and despite Obama’s non-denial denials.

It’s time we start building to a big finish in 2012.

Obama may be able to continue showing contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law for the next two years, as he has demonstrated his willingness to do in his first year in office. However, a day of reckoning is coming.

It’s time to ensure Obama does not get a free ride from state election officials as he did in 2008.

Help me build a movement to ensure that at least some of the 50 states require proof of eligibility from all presidential candidates in 2012. None did in 2008, and that’s why we’re in this predicament. The reality is that no controlling legal authority did its job before the 2008 election. But we have the power and the numbers to insist at least some do in 2012.

That’s why I am launching a brand new petition specifically directed to state officials who will be responsible for conducting elections in 2012. All we are asking them to do, of course, is to carry out the law, their sworn constitutional duties.

By doing this, we will be ensuring that our deep concerns about Obama’s eligibility, and the eligibility of anyone else who runs for president in the future, is an established fact before they are permitted on the ballot.

Think about it.

Even if only one significant state, with a sizable Electoral College count, decides a candidate for election or re-election has failed to prove his or her eligibility, that makes it nearly impossible for the candidate to win. It doesn’t take all 50 states complying with the law to be effective.

So please join me now in this fight for the Constitution, truth, liberty and justice by signing the petition.

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