Going back about 25 years, comedian Eddie Murphy had a great routine in his stand-up act involving a guy who was seen by his wife leaving his mistress’ house. Later, when confronted by his wife, his answer was as stunning to Murphy’s audience as it must have been to the wife:

It wasn’t me.

To most intelligent people, such a reply could only elicit stammering and sputtering. How can someone deny having committed a deed when they’ve been caught in the act? It’s positively inconceivable.

Follow me around. I don’t care. If anybody wants to put a tail on me, go ahead.

– former presidential candidate Sen. Gary Hart, May 1987

Some readers will no doubt remember the unfortunate but perversely amusing escapades of former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart, who made a bid for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination during the 1988 campaign season. In April of 1987, rumors began to circulate that the married Hart was something of a womanizer. When asked about it by the press, he responded as above, essentially daring the press to dig as deep as they liked. Shortly thereafter, he was photographed several times cavorting with model Donna Rice, who was twenty-something years his junior.

Hart withdrew from the race, and Rice became more of a household name than the senator for a time.

Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself. …

– Barack Obama, 2008 campaign speech

So, during the 2008 campaign, Obama suggested that he be judged by the people with whom he surrounded himself. Another dare. He was subsequently shown to be surrounded by a veritable Rogue’s Gallery of sundry gangsters, thieves, cheats, frauds and subversives.

Some might put this down to the president not being very bright, which has indeed been alleged. Others, perhaps, believe Obama is aware that others’ assessments of such audacious statements are moot, given that he will never be called out by the establishment press concerning any of them.

The good news is that there is a very good argument that these things are chipping away at his credibility and his popularity. Given that many of those Americans who now oppose his policies actually voted for the man, it is a safe assumption that any number of these do heed the incongruities and will remember them come the next two elections.

This is based on what … this notion that Obama’s a socialist?

– President Barack Obama, April 2, 2010

To many, no doubt the above query is as ludicrous as the president asking what evidence we have that he’s black, or that he’s male. There’s a vulgar colloquialism wherein one admonishes another not to urinate down their back and tell them it’s raining. Yet, this is precisely what our president is doing to us. This administration continues to advance an ankle-grabbing foreign policy, suicidal economic strategies and draconian, citizen-soaking solutions to predicaments that had their genesis in big government in the first place – all the while, denying that they’re doing so.

The problem is that we didn’t beat the drum – that redistribution of wealth and fostering dependency under the pretext of administering justice is inherently evil – loudly enough over the last few decades. I would wager that most Americans have no qualms with contributing to the welfare of those with disabilities, or who have fallen on hard times, or been disenfranchised – but these have been used as a wedge to pry open the door for collectivism and tyranny.

Ask yourself this: Have progressives, socialists or communists ever delivered on their promises? No – not once. Why? Because they have never intended to. Like Obama and those far-left leaders before him, the oratory has always been – as Obama himself said on the campaign trail – “just words.”

Who are you going to believe – me, or your lying eyes?

Is Obama’s comportment rooted in narcissism, stupidity or delusion? Does he really believe that he can sell flowery rhetoric and grandiose vision juxtaposed with contradictory, reckless action indefinitely, or does he simply not care?

I would submit that, despite our healthy curiosity, it probably doesn’t matter. We must focus on the solutions.

Many of us have noticed the warm liquid coursing down our backs, and, surprising though it might be to our president, we don’t like it. We’ve also noticed – despite the 5 percent of Americans who do like it and the 15 percent or so who haven’t yet noticed it is occurring – that we are in the majority.

So we have a job to do. Perhaps we should be thankful for those Dem double dog dares that have served to wake us up and make us take notice, because there are very few of us who don’t bear some responsibility for things having gotten this out of hand. Now that we are awake, we can see that an electoral revolution and return to American principles of government is not only an imperative, but well within our grasp.

And what of the 15 percent or so Americans who are still asleep, or misguided enough to believe that the current course – toward hard-line collectivism – is tolerable, or even prudent?

Well … you can’t please everyone. They’ll just have to walk it off.

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