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Don't give to the RNC!

I admit it. I want to see Republicans trounce Democrats in Congress this fall.

It’s not because I like Republicans.

In fact, congressional Republicans have largely been a disappointment to me for years. Often there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties. And the Republican leadership is even worse than the Republican membership of the House and Senate.

Nevertheless, our country is on the precipice of real disaster.

Two more years of leadership by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama will do irreparable harm to this country. We may never recover – literally.

That’s why I am excited about the prospects for major Republican gains in the House and Senate in November.

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But there is something we should definitely not do in our euphoria for supporting Republicans congressional candidates in this year’s mid-term elections: We should not give any money to the Republican National Committee. Period. End of story.

If you want to see a real change in the next election, don’t give a dime to the RNC – which represents business-as-usual politics, not the electoral revolution we so desperately need.

I’m not just referring to the “bondage-gate” scandal in which RNC Chairman Michael Steele approved reimbursement of a staffer’s expenses for entertaining donors at the Voyeur sex club. That’s a symptom. It’s not the problem.

The problem is the RNC itself.

It’s an elite Washington bureaucracy that does its best to ensure Republican candidates won’t be rock-the-boat types. It doesn’t support candidates that will pose a real ideological challenge to the socialist Democrats. Instead, it promotes and funds candidates that reflect its own compromised views.

Does my advice suggest not offering financial support to worthy Republican congressional candidates? Absolutely not. Give the money directly. You don’t need to filter it through a bureaucracy that will skim off the top and direct money only to candidates who meet the litmus tests of the GOP establishment.

Your financial support will have more impact by giving direct to candidates you know, trust and support.

The RNC is a useless, counterproductive institution toward the goal of revitalizing the Republican Party – transforming it into a principled alternative to the statist, socialist, humanist, globalist Democratic Party.

Ignore it. Forget it. Recognize its growing irrelevance. It will either change with the times or die. Either way is OK with me.

The important thing is who wins in November.

The RNC has no soul. It has no values. It stands for nothing. It is a machine that cares only about its own existence. It is no more pledged to the principles of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” than is the Democratic Party.

In short, the RNC is the best thing the Democrats have going for them – besides state power.

The RNC has helped orchestrate one election disaster after another. It’s cocky now because its leadership smells inevitable victory this fall. I do, too. But we all know the impending Republican victories this year have nothing to do with the work of the RNC. They will happen in spite of the RNC.

The RNC is eagerly awaiting an opportunity to claim credit for taking back Congress. But how can it do that without any money? Republican candidates don’t need the RNC filter. They need your dollars – sent to their campaigns directly.

The best scenario for this year is the following: The RNC goes broke, and Republican congressional candidates win major triumphs Nov. 2 any way.

What a message that would send.

What a shakeup that would precipitate.