Many Christians recognize that America is already undergoing chastisement and stands in danger of severe judgement for its sins.  Never has there been a nation as blessed as ours that has turned its back on God so suddenly and so contemptuously thumbed its nose at His Commandments.  Some concerned Christians further recognize that Americans need to cry out in repentance and contrition for God’s forgiveness, revival and healing. On May 1, they propose to do this – at the Lincoln Memorial, of all places.

What kind of man was Lincoln for Christians to honor with their prayer day?  From a standpoint of faith, Mr Lincoln was a notorious infidel who spent most of his life scoffing at the gospel message and mocking God’s ministers. He held Christian beliefs in contempt, denying the deity of Christ, the Trinity, the virgin birth, inspiration of Scripture, miracles, etc.  He never joined a church or made a profession of faith; he participated in seances in the White House, for heaven’s sake, and then laughed about that. He even mocked his own prayer proclamation when chided by his long-time acquaintance Judge James N. Nelson, who noted Lincoln’s Thanksgiving messages were contrary to his known convictions on the subject. Lincoln responded: “Oh! This is some of Seward’s nonsense, and it pleases the fools!”

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From a standpoint of personal morality, Lincoln had a filthy vocabulary, as shown by his habit of telling profane, vulgar jokes to amuse his cronies and other men.  He also had a callous disregard for suffering.  In March 1865, at City Point, Va., Lincoln met with Grant and Sherman; he asked to hear stories about how Sherman’s “bummers” vandalized churches and raped, pillaged and murdered unarmed civilians in Georgia and South Carolina.  Lincoln guffawed when he heard these stories.  This disturbing scene was recorded in Sherman’s memoirs and by U.S. Adm. David Porter who was an eyewitness to the meeting. These events and others are extensively documented in history, but here is a good synopsis and another here.

From a standpoint of political policy and statesmanship, Lincoln provoked and prosecuted an immoral and unconstitutional war that killed 600,000 Americans, including one-fourth of young men in the South, and then blamed it on God in his second Inaugural Address. He was an unbeliever who destroyed limited constitutional governments in America.  Of course, secular hagiography has turned Lincoln into the demi-god of the all-powerful government that dictates our lives, by power of the sword, down to what prayers, if any, may be uttered at a high-school commencement or football game.   Nearly every popular impression of Lincoln people imbibe from their public-school education is creepy, manufactured propaganda culled to make him the benign “savior of the union.”

Are there no places of worship in the capital city where Christians can assemble to pray in the House of the Lord on May 1? Do you think God is going to honor prayers offered up from the temple of Baal with its statue of Dagon perched in its midst?    Please think again, brethren.  You make a mockery of prayer and expose yourself and the church to ridicule by associating what should be a solemn, holy occasion with Lincoln’s name. To host a prayer event to plea for mercy and forgiveness from Almighty God on the steps of a pagan temple dedicated to a despotic infidel is an insult to Southerners and blasphemous nonsense to discerning Christians. 

R.M. Shivers III

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