Air America may be gone, but the failed “progressive” radio network is still producing its own special kind of radioactive fallout.

According to documents from the Air America bankruptcy auction, one item up for sale is the company’s email mailing list. Such lists are highly valuable and hard to obtain – precisely because those who signed up are always promised that their names will never be “shared or sold to a third party.”

Another broken “progressive” promise. Pretty soon, Al Franken fans will be wondering why they’re getting more Internet spam than ever before. And so the embarrassing legacy of Air America lives on.

Sean Hannity

The left continues to try to smear Sean Hannity and his favorite charity, the Freedom Alliance, with hotly contested accusations of fraud. Predictably, less popular competitors on radio are still bashing the highly rated Hannity, with Mike Malloy calling him “a sick puppy” who “has been drinking his own blood for probably 20 years.”

Malloy and Ed Shultz have also been spreading the bizarre contention that Hannity “praised” Oklahoma City terrorist Timothy McVeigh, when Hannity had clearly been making a sarcastic reference to the dishonest way the mainstream media depicts tea partiers (FREE audio).

Hannity, meanwhile, called the current administration “the worst presidency in American history” (FREE audio) and then mocked Harry Reid, who could only get 100 people to show up for his first re-election campaign rally.

“That’s less than a lunchtime crowd at McDonalds,” Sean joked, pointing out that Sarah Palin’s recent rally in Reid’s hometown drew 100 times more people.

Rush Limbaugh

Needless to say, the highlight of the week for me occurred when Rush Limbaugh read one of my blog posts on the air and continued to discuss it with callers the following day (video of Rush talking with a great caller below):

Rush also slammed the White House’s decision to stop using expressions like “Islamic radical.” Rush called the new guidelines the vocabulary of appeasement, and wondered if we should start calling kidnappers “unpaid babysitters” instead (FREE audio).

Other great segments included a phone call from an ex-nun, whose family is embarrassed by her affection for Rush.

In an interview with CBC News, President Obama referred to the “troublesome” “vitriol” of conservative talk radio. In response, Rush Limbaugh told the Washington Examiner, “I and most Americans do not believe President Obama is trying to do what’s best for the country. Never in my life have I seen a regime like this, governing against the will of the people, purposely. I have never seen the media so supportive of a regime amassing so much power. And I have never known as many people who literally fear for the future of the country.”

Michael Savage

Michael Savage broadcast a highly original, freeform “jazz poem” this week called “From America that’s Great to America that Grates,” saying, “We’ve gone from ‘I Love Lucy’ to ‘I love loosely’ in two generations” (FREE audio).

Savage denounced Obama as a “leftwing lunatic” and a “fanatic” for signing a nuclear arms treaty with Russia (FREE audio).

“Every day this man shocks me,” said Savage, who also condemned the academics and media elites who fawn over the President and are helping him run (and ruin) the country (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Mark Levin took issue with Glenn Beck and others who want to move beyond the labels “right vs. left” (FREE audio).

On Tuesday, Levin and his guest, Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-Minn. – who Levin calls “Lady Liberty” – discussed Paul Volker’s hint that the government might impose a European-style value added tax (VAT) on Americans (FREE audio).

This week, Levin also talked about Obama’s lack of baseball knowledge, the continuing Tiger Woods saga, and much more. Luckily, all Mark Levin broadcasts are available free at his online archive.

G. Gordon Liddy

“Why is Bill Ayers getting $5,000 for not giving a speech?” It’s one of those stories you’ll only hear about on the G. Gordon Liddy show.

This week, Liddy celebrated Tax Freedom Day, looked into time travel, spoke to Frank Gaffney about Obama’s treaty with Russia, and talked to a young soldier about his memoir, “An Angel from Hell.”

Enjoy these and other entertaining, wide-ranging shows thanks to Liddy’s free audio archives.

Glenn Beck

Angered by Glenn Beck’s mockery of the concept of “social justice,” a group called the “Jewish Fund for Justice” invited people to post haikus making fun of Beck and his religious views on Twitter last Wednesday. Predictably, this effort to stir up a “Twitterstorm” flopped.

Beck is dropping hints about his forthcoming novel, “The Overton Window,” due out in June. He describes it as “the story of America in a time much like today where the people are confused” and the rise of a citizens’ group called the Founders Keepers “leads to a battle and a civil war.”

If sales of his previous books are anything to go by, “The Overton Window” will be a bestseller. Forbes magazine’s profile of Beck this week revealed that he earned $32 million last year through his growing media enterprise.

Hugh Hewitt

Hewitt has been the go-to host for in-depth reporting and analysis of Obama’s nuclear treaty with Russia, as well as a lesser known issue: news rules at the Consumer Products Safety Commission designed to regulate every aspect of American life and business through product specifications and labeling.

Speaking of regulations, regular guest Mark Steyn dismissed the idea that the likes of Fred Phelps (who organizes disrespectful protests at the funerals of fallen soldiers) can be dealt with by passing more laws:

“People propose, well maybe, there ought to be a law saying, ‘You’re only allowed to stand within so many feet of the cemetery,’ or something like that. That’s not the kind of law we need,” Steyn said. “You know, I would be much happier if, with a world in which you know, people who start going around doing stuff like that, they’re in danger of just getting socked in the jaw, because I actually think that’s healthier for society than the micro-legalistic form of society. I think we have too many laws, and in the end, laws can only reflect a society’s moral compass. So when a society has no moral compass, then it really doesn’t matter how many laws you have, because it’s never enough.”

And finally, on “the left side of the dial”

Yes, fallen star Rosie O’Donnell still has a media platform, even though she’s tumbled far from those heady days when her cheery, upbeat TV talk show was a mega-hit and she was dubbed “the Queen of Nice.”

After “coming out” as a lesbian, O’Donnell’s personality changed drastically (so much for the word “gay”). The embittered comedienne unleashed her anger at the Catholic Church this week on her Sirius satellite radio show. She compared the Church to the lethal Jonestown cult, and called on Catholics to stop dropping money into collection baskets:

“If there was an organization, let’s just say the Boys’ Club, [that] had the history of child abuse, child torture and rape that the Catholic Church has, would you ever give money to the Boys’ Club or the Girls’ Club?” she asked.

It was an interesting analogy, for as “Radio Equalizer” Brian Maloney pointed out, it was Rosie’s liberal friends at Air America that “raided the Boys and Girls club charity for cash” to run their failed radio network.

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