Roza Otunbayeva

From utilitarian announcements of press conferences to political polemics to exhortations, Roza Otunbayeva, the leader of the opposition movement that took over the Kyrgyz government, is tweeting messages to the world and her followers in English and Russian.

She might be the first leader to use Twitter to help execute a coup.

Court: FCC has no legal authority over ‘Net

A three-judge panel in Washington, D.C., unanimously tossed out the Federal Communications Commission’s August 2008 cease-and-desist order against Comcast, which had taken measures to slow BitTorrent transfers before voluntarily ending them earlier that year.

The federal appeals court ruled that the FCC does not have the legal authority to regulate an Internet provider’s network management practices.

In a related item, though the broadband plan is affected by the court’s ruling, the FCC ignores it.

300,000 iPads sold 1st day

Apple sold over 300,000 iPads in the U.S. as of midnight Saturday, April 3. Apple reports that iPad users downloaded over one million apps from Apple’s App Store and over 250,000 ebooks from its iBookstore during the first day. It’s so popular that one in five doctors say they plan to buy an iPad, according to a survey of 350 clinicians by the San Mateo medical software vendor Epocrates.

By the way, Apple is now admitting the iPad device has problems connecting to the ‘Net.

Twitter buys Tweetie

Twitter has announced it has acquired Tweetie, the Twitter application for the iPhone. The application will now be called “Twitter for iPhone” and will drop from $2.99 to free.

Besides expanding it’s mobile reach, Twitter also plans to launch Twitter for the iPad.

Twitter has also launched an official Twitter for BlackBerry application.

Facebook – Owning South Dakota

The most Facebook-ish state in America, where 31 percent of residents have accounts, is South Dakota, according to an analysis of social network usage.

Here’s the U.S. breakdown.

Q4 ’09 web ads hit record levels

Internet advertising revenue was down in 2009, but record-breaking spending during the fourth quarter indicates advertisers are slowly regaining their willingness to invest in online ads, a new study has found.

The fourth quarter of 2009 hit a record quarterly high of $6.3 billion, a 2.6-percent increase year-over-year and a 14-percent increase over the third quarter of 2009.

Lawyers say “Unvarnished” a litigation nightmare

Last week we told you about “Unvarnished”, a website that allows users to post anything about anyone. This has Silicon Valley employment lawyers dealing with sticky new legal issues. Unvarnished, the controversial new people review site, is no exception.

One attorney says, “Absolutely it is litigation nightmare.”

Read what others are saying.

Textaurant changes how you wait for your table

Could the maitre d’ be going the way of the horse and buggy? Text Restaurant creates a dialogue between restaurants and patrons beginning with text messages that update patrons waiting for a table, and extending both before and after the meal.

Facebook considering Chinese market

Facebook Inc. is considering plans to enter the Internet market in China before the end of this year, according to a report on a Shanghai news site.

Facebook spokesman Larry Yu said the Palo Alto social media king is “interested in China, just as we are many other countries, and while we are studying and learning about them all, we have no specific plans for China at this time.”

If Facebook does attempt to get into the market, which has 384 million Internet users, the company would have to deal with the same issues that caused Mountain View’s Google Inc. last month to defy Chinese government censorship requirements and begin redirecting users on the mainland to an unfiltered site based in Hong Kong.

Facebook is still plagued with security challenges of their own, not to mention the upcoming Chi-Com problems.

Online tea party caravan!

Witness history being made across the country through high technology connections on your computer. Follow the Tea Party Express on live stream as it makes its way to Boston and Washington this week. Be there, virtually speaking!

Sneak peek into Gmail

If you’re using Google’s Gmail, you’ll like these new features: Sneak Peek and Nestled Labels.

From the rear-View mirror

1945 – Bergen-Belsen liberated

1961 – USSR first in space

1961 – Bay of Pigs invasion

1964 – Poitier wins Best Actor Oscar

1970 – “Houston, we have a problem”

Now playing at the Princess Theater, Urbana, Ill.

Congratulations to WorldNetDaily reader James Tyler of Bishop, Calif., who was one of several readers who correctly guessed actor Richard Burton in the portrayal of David Campbell in the 1962 Oscar-winning movie “The Longest Day” based on the book by Cornelius Ryan.

The film told the story of the events of D-Day, from both the Allied and German points of view. Although all the events portrayed in the movie actually happened (Mr. Ryan was a stickler for multiple verifications of incidents), I think Campbell was a composite. “The Few” was the group of Royal Air Force aviators who fended off the Luftwaffe preparing for Hitler’s invasion of England. Watch “The Battle of Britain.”

Read Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s famous speech, “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few,” or listen to it.

Reader Jim Tyler writes, “I used to attend the Battle of Britain every mid-September at RAF Finningley. They flew airplanes I had only read about: Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster and Mosquito, for example. The UK PC forces changed from the ‘Battle of Britain Day’ to something lame. They didn’t want to offend the Germans. Undaunted, I attended the Spitfire’s 65th birthday party at RAF Biggin Hill in 1995. WOW!”

The movie quote was, “The thing that’s always worried me about being one of the few is the way we keep on getting fewer.”

This week’s trivia quote: “You’re walking around blind without a cane, pal. A fool and his money are lucky enough to get together in the first place.”

Name the movie, the actor and the character. Send your answer to me at the email address below. Good luck!

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