Now that it is plainly evident even prominent officials in Kenya believe Barack Obama is foreign born, it becomes a matter of historical accuracy and constitutional integrity that his life story be fully documented.

Long before Obama was elected president and ever since, the people of Kenya have spoken of him as one of their own. Even first lady Michelle Obama referred to her husband’s “home country” as Kenya during the campaign. And now we have James Orengo, a member of the Kenyan Parliament explicitly characterizing Obama as one “born in Kenya.”

It is still highly unfashionable here in the states to raise any questions about Obama’s nativity story or his foreign travels or how he recovered his citizenship after living in Indonesia. Americans are simply supposed to accept on faith that Obama is a “natural born citizen” without the kind of appropriate documentation that would be required for a passport or even to obtain a driver’s license in most states.

I don’t accept those ground rules.

I don’t accept those impositions.

I don’t accept that politicians should be given the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t believe the Constitution should be trifled with.

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Now, I don’t know where Obama was born. But I think I speak for millions of Americans when I say it’s time to find out. It’s time to see the long-form, original birth certificate signed by an eyewitness to that birth. It’s time to see his travel records, his passport record, his medical records, his school records, his college records.

It’s a matter of honor.

It’s a matter of truth.

It’s a matter of constitutional eligibility.

And it’s a matter of historical accuracy and clarity for the American people and for the whole world.

Barack Obama and his supporters concern themselves so frequently with the beliefs and convictions of foreign nations and peoples.

Since it is now clear that well-educated foreign officials are shaping their own country’s destiny under the belief – right or wrong – that Obama was born in Kenya, not the United States, don’t we have a special obligation to document the true story?

Kenyan officials are debating the ratification of a new constitution. They are making decisions that will affect their country for decades to come based, in part, on the supposition that the U.S. allows the foreign-born to become president of the United States.

A significant percentage of American citizens, according to every poll conducted, likewise have grave doubts about Obama’s claim to be Hawaiian-born and constitutionally eligible to serve as president.

Nevertheless, Obama refuses to address these controversies with facts, evidence, proof.

Now, as Obama is preparing to nominate to the U.S. Supreme Court and enacting health-care legislation that not only fundamentally and dramatically changes the way Americans access medical services but also the way we relate to the federal government, it’s time to step up the pressure on Obama.

Is he legitimate or not?

Obama should be able to settle this matter as quickly as his opponent in the 2008 presidential campaign did by revealing a few key documents, beginning with his actual birth certificate.

I’m not at all sure the people of Kenya know anything we don’t know here in America.

But the more time goes by, we Americans realize we don’t know all that much about the man we elevated to the White House.

Isn’t it time to clear up all the doubts?

Isn’t it time to stop the charade and the name-calling and the ridicule of those who only insist on seeing the Constitution upheld and honored?

Isn’t it time to put all the cards on the table?

Isn’t it time for the most open and transparent and accountable administration in American history to live up to its promises?

Isn’t it time for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to be laid out for all the world to see?

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