It really doesn’t matter what office a Democrat is seeking – if you listen, really listen to what they say – they eventually expose themselves as totalitarians.

It doesn’t matter if the candidate is running for the office of dog catcher or Grand Exalted Pubar of the Once-Free World. In their heart-of-hearts, Democrats really believe that the people who elect them to office are nothing more than an ignorant, tedious annoyance that must be manipulated and endured at election time. When the election is over, they can go back to the serious work of building utopia for the great unwashed masses.

And the unwashed masses don’t have to be all that great, either. Yesterday, I listened to our local candidates for county commissioner answer questions from the audience. One was about “home rule,” which involved hiring a county executive. The incumbent and most of the candidates thought they were doing, or would do, a pretty decent job of listening to constituents and incorporating those views into overseeing county agencies.

Not so the lone Democratic candidate. She thought a paid executive was a wonderful idea, because “then we could hire somebody to listen to the peoples’ gripes,” while getting on with managing the county agencies and giving the people what they really need. And this woman is an attorney! (Isn’t this a sure sign we have too many attorneys in government, when they are running for such a lowly office as county commissioner?)

Given this attitude at the very local level, where We the People can camp out on a commissioner’s front lawn to demand redress of grievances, is it any wonder Democrats lust after higher office? After all, in higher office they are protected from angry constituents by big-media propagandists (cut from the same totalitarian cloth), paid public employee union thugs who control “public” meetings and paid police who are themselves members of public employee unions and who cart off protesters to jail when they demand redress of grievances. After all, who would want to complain about utopia? Time for the re-education camp, comrade!

In fact, aren’t most Democrats poster-children for the self-esteem movement? They have the most abysmal rates of personal accomplishment, which is the foundation of true self-esteem, yet their self-esteem scores surge up off the charts. Is it any wonder they think they can manufacture a communist utopia in a free-market country without destroying the taxpaying host?

So why wouldn’t Democrats, ignorant of the world that pays for their utopian schemes, yet sporting inflatable self-esteem pumped up into the stratosphere, think they can use the IRS to administer health care? Maybe your auditor can remove your gall bladder, or perhaps a kidney if you don’t pay. And why won’t these same Democrat tyrants use it again to administer their next utopian scheme, and the next, and the next after that?

After all, Democrats are impeccably qualified to build utopia: They have zero experience at creating or building anything where “customers” have a choice whether or not to buy. They have been sustained at the public teet all their lives! They have no idea where the money comes from. Why would they think any differently?

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