Sarah Palin at Boston tea party (Photo by Michael Carl)

BOSTON – A crowd estimated at 5,000 thronged the west end of Boston Common today to remind Washington that November is coming.

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said Massachusetts – which saw the original revolutionary Tea Party and dispatched a strong warning to Washington in January with the election of Republican Scott Brown – still is sending messages.

“This is the perfect time to come together in Beantown. It’s the day before tax day; the day that the tax man cometh. On top of tax cuts expiring in the town that the Sons of Liberty call home. Look at what you did in January; you shook up the United States Senate!” Palin said.

The tea-party voice is needed now more than ever, she said.

“Americans now spend 100 days of the year working for government. Before we ever start earning money for ourselves, for our families, for our small businesses, 100 days of the year are spent working for the government,” she said.

“We’re headed to being a country that instead of the people deciding how much money our government has, the government is deciding how much money the people can have. And that’s backwards,” Palin said.

“It is time to remind them (Washington) that government should be working for us; we should not have to work for the government,” Palin said.

Listen to Palin’s speech:

“That’s why there are more and more patriots every day standing up and speaking out. These hard-working, quality and liberty-loving good, everyday Americans, ready to take our country back, ready to shake things up! Those of you won’t sit down and shut up, you’re sounding the warning bell just like what happened in that midnight ride,” Palin said, referring to Paul Revere and William Dawes’ famous ride to warn the Sons of Liberty.

Protesters in Boston with warning for Washington (Photo by Michael Carl)

“This isn’t about party machines. It isn’t about titles and power struggles within. It’s not about dividing America and it’s not about one individual politician. This is about the people. This is a people’s movement!” Palin declared.

Palin said that the people in Boston and the national tea party movement are simply about taking their nation back from the established Washington elite who now do as they please.

“Come November, that big-debt, Obama, Pelosi and Reid big debt spending spree, that ‘We’re their little children and they’re there to take care of us’; that agenda is over. We’re voting them out and we’re going to tell them ‘You’re fired!'” Palin said.

Palin continued by saying that the Washington crowd doesn’t understand that the government can’t continue to spend and borrow, and the borrowing is passing along a tremendous debt to the next generations.

Another personality at the event was former Saturday Night Live comedienne Victoria Jackson, who opened her speech quoting the New Testament: “Our battle is not against flesh and blood.”

“In 2008 I heard that someone was running for president who was to the left of Hillary. I said, ‘Left of Hillary. She’s a socialist. That would have to be a communist,'” Jackson quipped.

Former Saturday Night Live comedienne Victoria Jackson (Photo by Michael Carl)

“I started doing research and I was horrified. I tried warning people about what I found out and no one would listen!” Jackson shouted.

“On the day that Obama won I cried, and I knew that my life would never be the same again,” Jackson said.

“I’ll be fighting for freedom until the day I die!” Jackson said.

Jackson said she understands communism because of her background.

“I knew a lot about communism because I grew up in Miami. I watched Miami turn into Cuba because Cubans were risking their lives coming to America for freedom on rafts,” Jackson related.

“I dated a guy Angel Otero when I was 15. I said, ‘Angel where’s your dad?’ And he said he’s in jail in Cuba. I asked him why and he said, ‘For resisting communism,'” Jackson said.

“Then I asked one of my neighbors what it was like growing up in a communist country. She said, ‘I’ll tell you,'” she continued.

“In kindergarten they tell the little kids to bow their heads and close their eyes and pray to God and ask Him for candy. When they open their eyes, there’s no candy there. Then they tell the children to bow their heads, close their eyes and pray to Castro and ask him for candy. When they open their eyes, there’s candy there,” Jackson said.

“That’s communism, and I’m starting to smell it in my country!” she said.

Jackson amused the crowd with her song, “There’s a Communist in the White House,” and continued with, “I Hope I Don’t Get Sick,” a tune she says was inspired by Obama’s health-care legislation.

There were reports that a major counter-protest had been planned to disrupt the rally. However, the largest number of protesters stayed on the fringes of the teaparty crowd and occasionally shouted accusations of racism and neo-fascism.

Extra police were out in force to prevent clashes between the fringe protesters and the tea party.

A police officer who declined to give his name said there hadn’t been any serious incidents.

“There are thousands of people out here and it’s been pretty good. No, there haven’t been any incidents. And that’s good,” the police officer said.

Tea party officials sent a warning message Tuesday that there could be trouble. Reports had surfaced that a Boston-based anarchist group was planning an alternative rally.

The concern seemed justified. A flyer by a far-left group called the Bail Out the People Movement distributed through the anarchist-themed Lucy Parsons Center Bookshop urges Boston-area radicals to “fight back” against what they say is an extreme “right wing” group.

“This is the same group of ultra-right wing, neo-fascist racists that have tried to exploit the current economic crisis by using the most vile racist tactics to attack Obama, unions, immigration, healthcare, and the environment,” the brochure claimed.

“While the demagogues, including Fox News and many others, that are in control of this group may try and hide behind populist slogans, it should be clear to all that their true goal is to further the political and economic program of Wall Street, big oil, the wealth and the corporations and they will stop at nothing in order to do so,” the anarchist call to action further claimed.

Only about 30 people turned out for the alternative rally near the Common’s Bandstand.

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