Maine’s Bangor Daily News reported on April 16:

  • “The Maine Human Rights Commission is backing away from controversial plans to issue new guidelines for how schools should accommodate transgender students.”

  • “Commission members decided Monday to cancel a public hearing and to shelve, at least temporarily, work on a guideline document called ‘Sexual Orientation in Schools and Colleges.'”
  • “The proposed guidelines have sparked a heated debate over what steps, if any, schools should take to accommodate students who identify with the opposite gender. … Among the draft advisory’s recommendations are that transgender students be allowed to use the bathrooms and the locker rooms of the gender with which they identify.”
  • “All four of the commission members present supported shelving the proposal. And Kenneth Fredette, who had to leave the meeting early, said: ‘I think it’s a victory for common sense and sound reasoning on a very controversial issue.'”

Fox News reported:

    “The commission came under fire over the brochure after holding a meeting last month to vote on the guidelines where the public was not allowed to speak. After angry Mainers voiced their opinions anyway, the commission voted instead to hold a public hearing in May so all sides could be heard.


    “But with no date set for the hearing, critics insisted the commission didn’t want to hear about the possible negative impacts of the proposal, which said students ranging from nursery-school to postdoctorate could not be required to supply any documentation to prove they were transgender before being allowed to enter the bathroom, locker room, sports team or organization of their choice.”

I am compelled to ask where on earth did the Pine Tree State find people to appoint to any such commission which, until the ensuing public uproar, wanted (actually) to gender-desegregate restrooms, as well as require mixed sexes in athletic locker rooms?

How long will most female athletic teams last if they’re all open to males?

Fox News also reports:

“The commission is also taking heat over a controversial proposal to ban schools from enforcing gender divisions in sports teams, school organizations, bathrooms and locker rooms. It says forcing a student into a particular room or group because of his or her biological gender amounts to discrimination.

“The issue came to light last year when the commission ruled that, under the Maine Human Rights Act, a school had discriminated against a 12-year-old transgender boy by denying him access to the girls’ bathroom.”

Ladies and gentlemen, particularly any of you who is, like me, the father of daughters:

How would you react if your daughter were forced by a school to share showers and toilet rooms with a transgender?

I would have raised hell about such sexual insanity – as I will if either of my two granddaughters is ordered into such absolute idiocy.

But this so-called Human Rights Commission – which should have been renamed Human Wrongs Commission – wanted to inject a sexually altered boy into the girls’ showers and toilet rooms!

Fox News continued:

“Some school districts and organizations have criticized the commission for making its initial ruling without getting enough input from conservative groups, and then for coming up with proposed guidelines in what some described as closed-door sessions.

“‘The conservative side was never brought in on the discussion in the first place, if you look at who gave testimony, written testimony, etc., in the beginning,’ Bob Celeste, a Maine resident, told ‘When you only bring one side in, you’re not looking for an honest debate. You’re looking for an agenda.’

“Once it came time to vote on the guidelines, the commission again came under fire for not doing enough to inform Mainers of the vote, and for not allowing the public to speak at the hearing where it was held.

“‘We found out about this hearing by accident. We were never informed of it,’ said Celeste, who was the first person to speak out at the March hearing.

“‘When I went to the hearing I expected to ask, “Why are they doing this?” And they said that they weren’t going to have public hearings,’ he said. ‘I said, “Mr. Chairman, it’s getting late, when are we going to be able to ask questions?” and he said, “You can’t.”‘”

Think about that: Maine, the Pine Tree State! Future home of co-ed johns, whether you like it or not!

Fox reported:

“Celeste says he then walked out of the meeting, but other outraged citizens got very vocal after his departure and apparently persuaded the commission to postpone the vote.

“‘When we separate biology it gets very confusing for everyone,’ Mike Heath, president of the American Family Association of New England, told ‘Now we’re talking about bathrooms where ladies will entertain the possibility of men being in the restroom with them, and every woman I’ve talked to has indicated that they wouldn’t be comfortable with that.

“‘I get a little more upset with the topic when it touches on young children and what they’re going to have to think about and process,’ he said.

“Ken Trump, president of National School Safety and Security Services, says the guidelines set out in the commission’s draft brochure pose some serious safety issues as well.

“‘If my kid walks into a girls’ bathroom and sees a man in there, the child is going to instinctively feel that something’s wrong. If you create an entirely new climate where anything goes, you’re going to create increased confusion, and those with ill intentions could take advantage of that confusion and decreased ability to make a distinction,’ Trump told

“Because the commission suggests that people won’t be obligated to supply medical documentation that proves they are transgender, Trump says the policy also paves the way for increased sexual activity on school grounds – both consensual and nonconsensual.

“‘Educators at the middle-school level struggle every day in trying to keep student hormonal issues under control so that the focus can be on education,’ he said. ‘We certainly don’t need to create an environment to accelerate and exacerbate the issue and further the experimentation, the inappropriate comments, inappropriate touching, groping, grabbing, sexual assaults and, in some cases, rapes in schools.’

“John Gause, counsel for the Maine Human Rights Commission, told that the commission is still in the process of developing guidelines on how the Maine Human Rights Act ‘applies in the context of sexual orientation in schools and colleges.’

“‘A date and location for the public-comment session will be finalized in the near future,’ he wrote in an e-mail.”

This, ladies and gentlemen, raises the question: if all of Maine’s school and college locker rooms and lavatories are to become co-ed, when will all of Maine’s college dormitories be forced to end gender segregation in favor of all males rooming with females?

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