Leftists, progressives and other communist community organizers have got to love former president Bill Clinton lecturing America on the dangers of heated rhetoric.

After all, wasn’t it Bill Clinton who presided over one of the more murderous administrations, in terms of killing its own citizens, since the Civil War? Was it not Bill Clinton’s administration that murdered 76 people, burning them alive in a church compound in Waco, Texas?

Wasn’t it Bill Clinton who violated the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 by ordering the military to assist the FBI with gassing and then destroying the Branch Davidian church building and residences? And isn’t that violation of Posse Comitatus an act for which the former president has never been held accountable?

Wasn’t it Bill Clinton who was impeached by the House of Representatives for lying under oath about sex in the Oval Office with intern Monica Lewinsky, but found “not guilty” when the Democrat-controlled Senate refused to convict, entirely along party lines? And wasn’t it Bill Clinton who surrendered his law license over his perjury?

I thought so.

Even Presidents Richard Nixon and Lyndon Baines Johnson, during the height of violent protests against the Vietnam War, never ordered the military to act against American citizens. And this was when college administration buildings were being occupied by protesters, and “peace” marches were nearly as violent as the war.

Mr. Clinton, however, saw fit to order such illegal actions, resorting to violence and murder carried out against American citizens living on their own property.

When the Ohio National Guard killed four student Vietnam War protesters, and national protests broke out, President Nixon was transported to Camp David for his own protection (although he had nothing to do with the incident).

Yes, Mr. Clinton certainly knows a thing or two about using violence to achieve his political ends. And like the rest of the self-anointed elites and useful leftist idiots today, he wants Americans to go gently into that “good communist night” (with apologies to Dylan Thomas).

Big government knows best, Herr Jew American. Violence is wrong, unless it is carried out by the government.

(Want to know what the government today thinks about using the military against Americans?)

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