On April 15, I attended my third tea-party rally, this one at the Washington Monument. While I applaud those who put in the time and effort to organize the event, as well as those who took the time to participate, I was a bit disappointed.

First, I was hopeful that an overwhelmingly large crowd would turn out, given the significance of the date. It didn’t happen. It looked to me to be about 10,000 people, which must have warmed the hearts of the Obama-loving left that so desperately wants to believe that voter anger will fade away by November.

Second, unlike the previous two tea-party rallies at the Capitol Building, the atmosphere was more like a social gathering than a serious protest. Good for the progressives who now rule the country, but bad for American serfs.

I go to these tea-party rallies with two objectives in mind. First, I want to get a grasp of the overall mood of the event. Second, I closely study as many people as possible, observing their approximate age, dress, demeanor and anything else about them that is noteworthy.

I would use the word docile to describe the overall mood at the April 15 event. I got the uncomfortable feeling that the tea-party people might be consciously – or perhaps unconsciously – toning down their anger because they’re feeling intimidated by the wild accusations of the ruling oligarchy in D.C. and the government-manipulated media.

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While observing the lack of enthusiasm at the rally, the dreaded phrase “compassionate conservatism” came to mind. Yes, I’m talking about the “I’m really a nice guy at heart” mantra that brought George Bush from wildly high popularity numbers to being the most unpopular president of our time.

So-called compassionate conservatism has virtually destroyed the Republican Party. Forget the fact that the Democrats learned nothing from the recent election results in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts. What’s worse is that Republicans seem to have learned nothing from those elections. Whether it’s a result of ignorance or cowardice is subject to debate – or perhaps it’s simply a matter of insanity.

The reach-across-the-aisle stuff has worked out really well for Charlie Crist, hasn’t it? After all, any compassionate conservative worth his salt knows that you have a moral obligation to support an $800 billion transfer-of-wealth program and top it off with a romantic hugfest with the Obamessiah himself.

Crist expected a big payoff for his dumber-than-dumb strategy of showing how willing he was to “work” with liberal Democrats. And he got it – a 53-point swing, from 30 points ahead of once-unknown Marco Rubio to 23 points behind! Of course, opportunists Huckabee and Romney have both jumped on the Rubio bandwagon now that the outcome is inevitable, but have they learned anything?

It’s not just the over-the-top lies and idiotic distortions about the tea-party movement America’s premier socialist organ, Newsweek, recently printed that is the problem. Now, even Fox News has joined in the ruse. Last Saturday Geraldo did a segment that was outrageous even for him, pondering aloud whether the tea-party movement is awash in racism, hate speech and dangerous paramilitary groups. He then interviewed Tea Party Express Chairman Mark Williams, and began by asking:

“Is there, or should there be, anxiety in the tea parties about extremists?” He went on to say that “there are some anecdotal stories like in the big Washington rally how some militia-dressed guys were walking around armed, looking for liberals. There are some in the extreme right – some of these patriot party [sic] – that are claiming to have affiliations with the tea party. Do you fear that they will sully an otherwise legitimate grass-roots movement and paint you, at least in the mainstream media, so-called, as something other than what you are?”

I was super impressed to hear Williams respond quickly and boldly with, “Well, as long as you keep helping them with hit pieces like the one you just ran. The tea-party movement is a political movement based on the Constitution.”

With eloquent clarity, he went on to explain what the tea-party rallies were all about, while Geraldo was more interested in focusing on why Williams was “personally attacking” him – as though he had never mentioned the name Timothy McVeigh or the words “right-wing extremists” in connection with the tea parties.

Let me help you out a bit, Geraldo: after three tea-parties, where I spent a majority of my time closely observing the people in attendance, I can once again say, unequivocally, that I have never seen the slightest hint of violence or hateful speech. (By the way, referring to BHO as a socialist – which is simply stating a truth based on incontrovertible evidence – is not hate speech.)

I repeat what I said earlier: if anything, I believe the tea-party rally on tax day was far too docile. It once again demonstrated just how intimidating the far left can be. Not only intimidating, but clever.

How so? The BHO oligarchy has managed to change the Big Question from “Is Obama a socialist?” to “Is the tea-party movement dangerously immersed in racism, hate speech and violence-prone affiliations with paramilitary groups?” Never sell the Saul Alinsky crowd short when it comes to turning every negative around and pointing it in the direction of its accusers.

I honestly believe that Der Fuhrbama believes his verbal skills are so powerful that he can embarrass the tea-party people into submission. He may be a lightweight in most respects, but he’s a lightweight with an abundance of (over)confidence. The tea-party people had better take a page from “Rules for Radicals” and press down twice as hard on the accelerator, lest they lose their momentum long before Nov. 2.

The tea-party people must not make the same mistake as the Republican Party and allow themselves to be intimidated by the lies and baseless innuendos of the White House and its media lapdogs. Docile simply doesn’t cut it.

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