For some strange reason, David Kupelian’s books reliably elicit from their readers one of two extreme reactions: intense hatred or passionate appreciation.

His latest book, “How Evil Works: Understanding and Overcoming the Destructive Forces That Are Transforming America,” was released recently, and already readers are polarized in a love-hate duel over the book. On the “love” side, there are Amazon reviews like these:

  • “This is the most thought-provoking current-events book I’ve ever read, far and away the best book of the 21st century so far.”

  • “It made me want to become braver and it helped me to become clearer on what I really do believe. … I don’t want to be too over-the-top here, but this book was life-transforming for me.”
  • “Enlightening far beyond what I expected – encouraging in that if you understand the core and intent of evil you can protect yourself and your family from it!!”
  • “This is one of those books that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”
  • “This guy’s books are powerful. It’s now clear why the left is trying to get his books banned, why they hate his works; he’s keenly effective, and right!”

Alas, then there’s the other side, featuring reviews bearing headlines like: “This book is, itself, evil,” and “Infantile junk.”

“Don’t be fooled by the provocative title, the attractive cover and the seemingly objective description on the inside jacket,” warns one. “This book is pure evil.”

Another complains: “This is another nut-job book from a marketing guru who blames all of society’s problems on ‘evil.’ … The ‘Destructive Forces That Are Transforming America’ are rightwing Christian nuts.”

Laments yet another: “Should I have taken more time in the store to examine the book? Yes. Did I make a purchase that was too hasty? Yes. Should I know by now not to judge a book by its cover? Yes.”

Angry denunciations of his work are not new to Kupelian, who in the past has received many extraordinarily hateful reactions to his unique analysis of life. A small sampling:

  • “You are one sick, sick person and the level of your hatred substantial enough to provide you the eternal damnation you so desperately deserve. Let’s hope!”

  • “The fire pit of Hell awaits you and all those who suppose to have the answers to life figured out, when in fact you and I know little to nothing about the true meaning of our existence.”
  • “People like you make me fear that humanity will not endure much longer. … Will you do me a favor and kill yourself?”
  • “Wow. You’re so stupid. And so wrong. And just so … terribly terribly terribly idiotic. I’m SO VERY GLAD I’m not you! Get hit by a bus, please!”

Fortunately, most reviewers find reading “How Evil Works” a thoroughly positive experience:

WND founder and editor Joseph Farah, in his review, says: “Have you ever read a book so great, so important, so revealing of the deepest convictions you hold that you say to yourself, ‘Gee, I wish I wrote that!’ That’s what happened to me not just upon turning the final page of ‘How Evil Works,’ but literally after every chapter!”

In her Washington Times column, author and Heritage Foundation senior communications fellow Rebecca Hagelin writes: “‘How Evil Works’ is essential for anyone who seeks to promote what is good. But be careful: sometimes the evil is ‘out there’ – and sometimes it is in our own hearts. If you start feeling a bit uncomfortable as you read, it might be time to drop to your knees.”

Sean Hannity, who launched “How Evil Works” on his top-rated radio show and subsequently featured Kupelian on his Fox News show “Hannity,” called “How Evil Works” “terrific,” telling listeners, “This is a powerful book … I couldn’t put it down.”

And in his lengthy interview with Kupelian in David Horowitz’s FrontPage Magazine, Editor Jamie Glazov concludes with this: “I have to tell our readers that How Evil Works is a brilliant book. Buy it!!!!”

Superstar Chuck Norris praises “How Evil Works” as Kupelian’s “new insightful treatise on what truly lurks behind the troubles in government and America.” No. 1 New York Times best-selling author Jerome Corsi calls it “fresh, original, and startlingly insightful. … A truly important book.” And radio legend Barry Farber says, “With the unapologetic outrage of a saint and the fearless fury of a General Patton, here comes David Kupelian turning a blowtorch of good upon the putrid cobwebs of evil.”

However, the mild-mannered Kupelian, an award-winning journalist and WND managing editor whose best-selling book “The Marketing of Evil” has become a modern classic, definitely does not see himself as a combination of “General Patton” and “a saint.” Rather, he says: “I’m just a journalist-author with a consuming interest in exploring very important things almost no one else wants to talk about – things that profoundly affect our happiness or misery, even our life or death – things we once all knew, deep down, but have somehow forgotten amid the confusion and chaos of modern life.”

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