From the CIA’s Weapons, Intelligence, Non-Proliferation and Arms Control Center, there came a report to Congress including the following:

“Iran continues to develop a range of capabilities that could be applied to producing nuclear weapons if a decision is made to do so.”

Does President Obama or any member of Congress believe that Iranian determination to produce nuclear-missile bombs should realistically be designated as either “could be” or “if”?

Moreover, how does any such uncertainty about that nation (led by obviously mad Muslims) seem realistic, in view of last summer’s defection of Iran’s nuclear scientist Sharam Amiri to the United States?

All of us should now remember very carefully how our national government once pledged that North Korea would not be allowed to have nuclear weapons.

What happened to that U.S. affirmation of nuclear non-allowance?

North Korea produced and tested a nuclear weapon.

But North Korea was not punished for this. Instead, we began demanding that they get rid of their nuclear weapons – which, it surely should have been realized by demanders, Pyongyang has refused to do.

Since the North Koreans know of our nuclear-weapons arsenal – which our president has fortunately not (yet) abolished (nor has he responded to pleas of keeping it completely up-to-date) – they have not yet nuked Seoul or any other part of their freedom-loving neighbor, South Korea.

But, however rigid are the North Koreans, they can hardly compare to the Islamic extremists who are still in control of Iran.

Does any majority of Americans believe that the North Koreans are anywhere nearly as likely to aim intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles at New York and Washington as those Muslim fanatics in Tehran? If such barbarity brought retaliation to Tehran, they would be expecting nuclear transportation to 72 awaiting virgins.

President Obama’s worldwide-noticed mistreatment of his Israeli guest, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, was a terribly serious mistake in a time of Iranian nuke-progress and their more-than-apparent determination to carry out repeated threats to exterminate Israel.

The gallant nation of Israel is surely determined through the world’s best intelligence service – along with its own nuclear weapons, which it has had for decades – to stop any possibility of another Holocaust by Iranian ICBMs.

That the United States must stand with our one real ally in the Middle East to stop Iranian ICBMing of Tel Aviv, Haifa, New York and Washington surely must be apparent to Obama, who must have some major and secret plan.

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