I’m starting to fall in love with Arizona.

And I’ll give you three good reasons:

Arizona rocks!

Don’t you agree?

But Barack Obama doesn’t see it that way.

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He says the new Arizona illegal-immigrant law is “misguided.” He says he has instructed his Justice Department to investigate it because he fears “human-rights abuses” might occur as a result. In other words, he’s threatening to interfere in the sovereign affairs of Arizona, which, presumably, he has already written off in the 2012 election – if he intends to contest the vote there at all.

Just so you understand, Arizona took this action because the federal government has refused to carry out its duties, refused to enforce the laws of the land. Because Arizona is overrun by illegal aliens, state officials there understandably decided to take action themselves.

It’s a great thing to see.

It’s about time states stopped counting on Washington to do anything right.

Obama claimed it was “unfair” to ask those suspected of being in the country illegally to identify themselves. Apparently, he doesn’t think it’s unfair to citizens of the United States to face higher crime rates, pay higher taxes, put up with more crowded emergency rooms and schools, ensure dread communicable diseases and accept a lower quality of life and depressed real-estate prices – all resulting from the invasion that has taken place in Arizona.

The situation in Arizona is so bad that even John “Amnesty” McCain has come out in support of the legislation. It’s amazing what a little election-year competition can do for an utterly failed politician.

I suspect, however, Obama is just as unhappy about the decision of the Arizona Legislature to jump into the eligibility issue.

Think about it. This is bigger than all the lawsuits. This is the way we will finally learn whether Obama can prove his nativity story.

His choice is simple: he can either comply with the law in Arizona or decide not to run for re-election in the state.

By not seeking a ballot position, he will be, in effect, conceding that he is not constitutionally eligible to serve as president.

I can’t wait to hear how Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck spin that one! Will they offer to testify on behalf of Obama’s eligibility case, having claimed they’ve already seen his birth certificate?

It’s going to be an interesting 30 months.

That’s right. The midterm congressional elections are only six months away. Then it’s two years before the presidential election of 2012.

I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel already.

In the meantime, don’t you love Arizona?

Don’t you wish there were more states like it?

Wouldn’t you like to live in a state where governing officials were actually responsive to the will of the people and the law of the land?

May such states prosper and multiply.

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