Years ago (1978 to be exact), I viewed the first installment of a television program called “Scared Straight.” These were documentaries about groups of swaggering juvenile delinquents and the authorities’ efforts to compel them to modify their lifestyles by introducing them – inside penitentiary walls – to genuine, hardened convicts.

I recall one particularly obnoxious youth; during the interview segments that were interspersed amidst the kids being intimidated in various ways by these felons, he let the interviewers on to his “master plan” for setting himself up for life (in one way or another): he planned to attend technical school and learn all about electronic security systems. Then, he would be able to circumvent any he encountered during his nefarious dealings and take what he liked.

Naturally, I was reminded of this when I considered Barack Obama having specialized, as it were, in constitutional law. Like the stalker who stays within the law just enough to avoid prosecution, but who’s bold and sneaky enough to make his target’s life hell, Obama has managed to advance programs and policies that one would think ought to have earned him (at least) an impeachment trial by now.

In the world of Obama, every remedy offered for problematic concerns is sold as a panacea – once we get this done, we’ll be golden. Every issue requires an intrusive, comprehensive federal “reform” of some sort – and there are a lot of issues in the hopper.

“Reform of the financial-services industry” is the administration’s spin on their forging alliances with avaricious, short-sighted executives of companies like the investment-banking and securities firm Goldman Sachs, which has a long history of borderline fraudulent behavior and betraying fiduciary obligations.

While millions of comatose Americans awaited their next bedpan change, Obama and members of Congress crafted a convoluted and incestuous arrangement with energy and insurance companies, financial-services corporations and banks, which stand to glean billions from sweetheart deals with the regime, despite seeing their competitors regulated out of business and the eventual socialization of their industries.

For decades, Republican and Democrat politicians did nothing to secure our border with Mexico out of allegiance to various special interests – and, perhaps, their financial portfolios. Now that the situation on the border resembles one of Genghis Khan’s campaigns of conquest, state governments are being forced to address the problem on their own.

Obama’s response to the state of Arizona empowering local law enforcement to detain illegal Mexican immigrants has been all about politics and paying deference to freeloaders and criminals – yet Americans residing near the border and living through this horror don’t even enter into the discussion.

When we refer to history’s infamous tyrants as “evil,” we’re not referring to Damien from the film “The Omen”; we have simply discerned that such people were evil due to their atrocious and amoral acts. But if history’s infamous tyrants were evil due to their atrocious and amoral acts, why is there reluctance to label as evil those in our midst who are advancing ideologies identical to those of some of history’s infamous tyrants?

For example: Soviet Russia, Communist China and the German National Socialists held to political principles with roots in the writings of Karl Marx. Between the policies of these respective regimes, over 100 million people have been put to death.

Thus, it is fairly safe to say that Marxism is inherently evil.

Our president, Barack Hussein Obama, was bred by Marxists, raised by Marxists and schooled by Marxists and has chosen to associate with Marxists throughout his entire adult life and in his career. He has Marxists in his employ, in the form of Cabinet members and a record number of czars – whose salaries are being paid by you and me. From the start, the goal of those who believe as Obama does has been one of tearing America down and rebuilding it in their image; what we see occurring right now is that very demolition.

Yet Americans, even many conservative commentators and politicians, are loath to brand such people, so stigmatized has the concept of making critical, authoritative statements become.

Well, there’s too much at stake to play Mr. Nice Guy, so I’ll say it: The power brokers in and behind the current administration and the congressional leadership are evil people. These aren’t a bunch of stereotypical politicians who want to get rich and spend a few billion more on entitlements so that blacks or old folks will like them. They are a malevolent cabal who have conspired to subvert our laws, neutralize our personal liberties and undermine our economy, for the sole objective of attaining personal power and implementing a political system that has devastated or taken the lives of well over a billion people.

If they sound like comic-book villains, there’s a good reason: that’s the level at which they operate. All I can offer is, if the shoe fits …

Ask yourself: did history’s most infamous tyrants believe that they were evil, and simply didn’t care that their actions were atrocious and amoral?

No – they believed that they were doing the right thing, odious though their deeds might seem to posterity – or, at least a segment thereof.

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