There’s a lot of angst these days about the amount of “hateful rhetoric” expressed in public dialogue. Hate means different things to different people, so it’s somewhat difficult to agree on just what “hate” speech actually is.

And of course, accusations of hateful speech have become a staple of various identity groups’ politics – which often label ideas they disagree with or that inhibit their agendas as “hateful.”

Why do identity-politics organizations do this? Because it cuts off debate and silences arguments by their opponents that they can’t answer. In other words, it’s convenient.

A rather stunning example of this would be the Congressional Black Caucus. Upon encountering a group of Americans who disagreed with the Democrats’ recent votes to socialize America’s health-care industry – and weren’t afraid to tell them – they had no answers or dialogue. Their solution was to smear decent Americans who disagreed with them – in a desperate effort to end debate.

“They called us niggers!” Black Caucus members said.

But Andrew Breitbart’s $100,000 challenge says they didn’t; no evidence has surfaced.

Now the Congressional Black Caucus owes the tea party and America an apology. But they won’t apologize. It’s manufactured hate speech – amplified by big media, who long ago banished Kipling’s “six honest serving men” from their trade (a profession has standards and polices itself).

I keep six honest serving men

(They taught me all I knew);

Their names are What and Why and When

And How and Where and Who …

– Rudyard Kipling

Obsession with “hate” speech seems to be a proclivity of the political left. That they’ve experienced more “hate” in recent years only reflects that they’ve mandated more of their agenda by using government and the force of law to restrict choice in America.

Now for the left, “choice” means only one thing: abortion. Here the left says, “the more, the merrier!”

Once you move down the alphabet beyond abortion, the left doesn’t see “choice” as much of a benefit.

You want to choose your doctor and care? Not anymore! Our death panels will determine who you see and what treatment you may receive!

You want immigrants to follow the law and enter the country legally? You racist bigots! We’re in charge, we’ll enforce the law as we see fit, and you can count on 11 million illegals voting in the next election!

You parents want public vouchers so you can exercise school choice for your kids? Why, you hate-filled, racist homophobes! Your kids are going to school where we say, and they’re learning what we teach! Don’t you know the teachers’ unions run the schools!

Anyone willing to step back from the debate will see something quite obvious: as the left has succeeded in implementing its agenda of limiting choice in previously private realms of human behavior, “hate” has surfaced in the public dialogue.

Maybe that’s because most people hate having their choices mandated by government.

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